Activision To Start Charging for Online Play

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    Expect to see Activision to start charging to play games like COD online. This is all such a sham. They already drive up the price per game to $60, then Microsoft charges $8 a month just to play games online to begin with, now this? The biggest crock of it all, is that COD uses a multiplayer matchmaking system that turns a players console into the game host so the company won't have to pay for a dedicated server.

    So what exactly is a monthly subscription paying for??? I'll stick with BC2 on PC thanks.
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  • Another reason why Activision/Blizzard is an evil company. That and I want to punch their CEO, Bobby Kotick, in the face for no other reason than he could use one.


    I think what EA is doing is much smarter, not that I agree with it, but it is smarter. For all EA games that you want to take online, you need to buy a $10 online add-on. If you purchase the game brand new, the code for going online is free; if you buy it off eBay/Craigslist/Gamestop/etc, you need to pay an additional $10.

    My issue is that Activision hasn't been coming up with anything original. It's no different than Bungie releasing another Halo.
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  • I have COD:MW2 and usually play every couple of days if I have the time. I would gladly buy a new game in November. MW2 is a very fun game. But there is not a snowball's chance in hell I will pay a monthly fee for a COD game. If I wanted to pay a monthly fee, I'd get an MMO. (Tournament fees or microtransactions MIGHT be different, have to look at that on a case-by-case basis)
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