Seahawks and Fantasy Football Rankings

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Seahawks and Fantasy Football Rankings
Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:32 pm
  • I just purchased the Fantasy Football Pro Forecast magazine that I buy before every year. Each year twelve "experts" from different fantasy groups (yahoo,, espn, etc) put out the rankings of the Top 15 QB, 20 RB, 20 WR, 10 TE, 15 K and 15 Defenses.

    There are exactly ZERO Seahawks listed in any of the rankings by the experts in any of the positions.

    Awesome. :34853_doh:
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  • Not really surprised at QB, RB, or WR. Hasselbeck is a big gamble fantasy-wise, we don't know what's going to happen with the Forsett/Washington thing (a lot of Forsett's value last year was in PPR, but I'd think Washington would be in there for more passing situations), and the WR situation is quite muddled as well. I think Housh could be a top 20 guy in year 2 with Hass, but I wouldn't blame anyone who didn't have him in the top 20 for now.

    Carlson is a surprise to not be in any of their top 10s. In their defense, TE is a loaded position for fantasy football this year, but not a single guy putting him there?

    Mare is a surprise. I know nobody cares about kickers in fantasy football, but we play in a weak division, and the offense is middle-of-the-road overall, so there should be a lot of FG opportunities.

    Defenses are crapshoots in fantasy football. I don't even bother ranking those.
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