Roast my first draft of the Season

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Roast my first draft of the Season
Sat Sep 03, 2016 1:47 am
  • 12 team, 2 QB, standard scoring, keeper league. Keeper system.. keep up to 4, your first keeper takes the place of your 1st round pick, your 2nd keeper is your 2nd round pick. I just kept one.

    QB M. Stafford
    QB A. Dalton
    WR O. Beckham Jr. (keeper)
    WR M. Jones Jr.
    RB E. Elliot
    RB M. Ingram
    TE J. Reed
    Wr/RB Flex T. Rawls
    K B. Walsh
    DEF Kansas City

    BN RB M. Jones
    BN WR A. Hurns
    BN TE T. Eifart
    BN RB I. Crowell
    BN WR M.Thomas (Saints)
    BN RB D. Washington (Oakland)
    BN WR D. Green-Beckham

    Obviously Im weak at WR, but I expect M. Jones Jrs numbers to be above what most people are projecting him at, and Im hoping Hurns doesnt regress all that much. M. Thomas looks to crack the starting line up for the Saints and Brees throws for 4800 yards a year so Im ok with that. Green Beckham is just a hunch..just going for upside there.

    I like where Im at with my RBs.

    2 QBs leagues, this is my only one, are a bit odd..youre forced to take them early especially as there are 12 teams with 2 each starting..

    Overall I like my team but I expect high turn over on the second half of my bench.
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Re: Roast my first draft of the Season
Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:56 pm
  • I love it, man. Having a thin bench isn't the worst thing in the world - that way your bench isn't so good that you have a hard time dropping them for a hot waiver grab. Your starters do most the lifting anyway so while depth is helpful, having too much doesn't help you all that much unless you are plagued by injuries. All that said, you still have extremely good depth. Washington and DGB are the only ones that don't seem like viable plug in players (right now, at least).

    You may be lacking an "elite" QB but Stafford and Dalton is a very solid pairing, along with that RG3 lotto ticket on the bench there. I have Marvin Jones ahead of Tate this year so I love that pick.

    That team should be a force, especially if Rawls pays off. Best of luck to you :)
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Re: Roast my first draft of the Season
Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:10 am
  • Thanks for the feedback. Yea, I have a few lottery tickets in there that I thought I could afford because of how the beginning of the draft played out. Hope it goes as positive as your post!
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