Pick #64, 2nd Round: OT Justin Britt, Missouri

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  • Blitzer88 wrote:
    SeahawksFanForever wrote:Image

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh HELL NO!

    Isn't it the job of our scout team to identify off the field red flags? Heads will roll for this.
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  • BlueThunder wrote:Ya know, with Pete and John, I just assume that they see something in a player that other people don't see. They look at some skill or other intangible that their draft picks have and then "Coach 'em up". I think that's the main advantage that our organization has... Look for this or that that Pete and John see, and then hit 'em hard with targeted coaching, targeting their perceived weakness, then concentrate on strengthening that weakness and turning them into a very good or elite player. At least that's the way it has seemed to have gone with our other passed-over draft picks and ignored free agents so far. Anyone else agree with that assessment?

    I would think they probably coach up their SCOUT core just as much as they coach up their team. This way they are both thinking on the same concepts of what type of player they want. Some of the flashy players that are seen by ESPN or other sporting shows do not fit what is coached into our SCOUTING core. Easy to see how our coaches work up players from that realm. Go Hawks.
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  • Pete and John regime has ridiculous benefit of the doubt with respect to drafting obviously.

    Except at OL, to this point. We did get some solid play out of late round guys, but we have yet to see them get value out of an O lineman in the early rounds.

    They're too awesome to stay cold forever, even at this position, but this is the one spot where I don't automatically assume they'll hit it out of the park. I blame Cable for that although I can't prove it in court.
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  • We need Britt to hit more than anyone in this draft. A swing tackle allows Bailey to be depth at guard, and provides competition for Bowie at RT. I like his size, and he really does play a lot like Breno where he sticks to guy until the whistle. Hopefully getting out of the two-point stance every down will help his run blocking as well.
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  • He handled Clowney he's 6'6 325 and versatile. He could be just as good if not better than Bitonio.
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  • Apparently his game against South Carolina and Clowney in 2013 was one of the best in his college career. He's known for having a little bit of a mean streak and has decent size. I'm hopeful he will compete and earn a spot.
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  • Interesting game plan by Mizzou on that one. Clowney seemed low effort most of the game when they were down 14 but then picked it up towards the end.

    #81, I imagine a TE for Mizzou pushed Clowney backwards at least twice that I saw. But as to the Missouri game plan, they let Clowney through untouched a lot and just ran away from him. Britt had him one on one a few times but I didn't see any real effort from Jadeveon. There were quite a few chips, double teams and some triple teams on Clowney when they wanted to run his way.

    Dude cannot tackle, makes me wonder if the #1 overall pick might not struggle when he gets to the NFL. I heard someone on NFLN "Do you think Clowney will get 12 plus sacks as a rookie?"

    If he does, it will be because JJ Watt chased them to him. Personally, I don't see what all the fuss is about. When I watch him I don't see a football player. I see a unique athlete that struggles to change direction. Don't even block him, just let him come through the line unblocked and run away from the guy.

    Of course that won't work with Watt and Brian Cushing on the other side.

    Britt looks okay, but I just can't see what Tom Cable sees in the guy that has him so excited. Hope he pans out because the only pick they've called that has worked out is Sweezey. Even Alex Gibbs guy, Russell Okung has struggled, but that's more bad luck than anything else.
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  • I wonder how many more chances Cable will get if Britt doesn't work out? I've held off on judging him because we've been pretty unfortunate with injuries, but I'm expecting much better things this year as he's had a chance to build up some depth.

    I'm not crazy about Britt, or at least, his tape at LT. For all his athletic ability he seems slow to adjust and change direction when facing more agile opponents. I imagine Cliff and Bruce giving him fits in TC. I'm glad Cable said he liked Britt because of his tape at RT.

    And so many guys shut down Clowney this season, or rather, Clowney shut down himself. Double-teams gave him an excuse to coast his way to the NFL injury-free, and he took it.
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  • Seahawks gave him Beno's jersey number.
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  • HawksSoc wrote:
    Blitzer88 wrote:
    SeahawksFanForever wrote:Image

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh HELL NO!

    Isn't it the job of our scout team to identify off the field red flags? Heads will roll for this.

    I know our FO is all about giving second chances but... Oh well, our goons have some serious hazing to do ;)
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