If you could have ANY player in this draft..

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  • .. who would you take?

    For me it's Jadeveon Clowney or Sammy Watkins. Both would address a need and both, IMO, are going to be complete stars in the NFL.
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  • Clowney or Donald.
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  • Watkins or Robinson and maybe Evans.
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  • One of Watkins, Evans, Clowney, or Mack.

    Of the group, Watkins is the guy I just can't imagine being a bust, so I'd pick him. Our offense needs one more WR who can scare the crap out of DCs, and Watkins would certainly manage that.
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  • Evans
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  • I'd go with Mack or Evans. As much as i love Mack, narrowing it down to just one I'd go for Evans as we need his skill set more at the moment.
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  • I'd take Clowney or Watkins, but the idea of drafting a stud left tackle like Robinson and saving cap room for Wilson, ET, Sherm by not signing Okung next year is a move I'd consider.
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  • Evans with honorable mention to Greg Robinson.
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  • I'd love to draft Mathews and to start him out on the right side. This kid has the genes to play for the next 10-15 yrs as a good to upper level pro yr in and yr out.
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  • clowney
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  • Sammy Watkins for me! Outstanding athlete, playmaker with the ball in his hands, and great work ethic.
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  • Mack or Evans edge to Evans
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  • Glenn Robinson.

    Goodbye Okung.
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  • Aaron Donald !!! This would make our D line the best in the league. Or Mike Evans to give R.W a deep threat!;)
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  • Watkins or Donald
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  • I'd honestly say Odell Beckham, Jr. He really strikes me as a guy who is a "Seahawk." Love watching him play and think (like Watkins), he's as safe as you can get as a WR prospect. Not to mention, he's Harvin insurance but can play outside and contribute in Special Teams. Seems like a really tough player who is extremely level-headed for a WR.

    From a strictly "who helps the team the most" perspective, Greg Robinson, Jadeveon Clowney, or Aaron Donald would be the biggest no brainers.
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  • Clowney or Donald, then Watkins. I believe Watkins is pretty "sure-fire", but the other two are as well and we need them more.
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  • I would go with the best OLineman, but that Watkins kid looks like he could be a monster
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  • Clowney or Watkins, but I would consider Robinson to if he could play RT or if Okung can slide over.
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  • Hawk Strap wrote:I would go with the best OLineman, but that Watkins kid looks like he could be a monster

    True true. We just don't throw the ball enough to make that big of an investment in a WR though. Especially with what we have sunken into Harvin

    Greg Robinson would be a huge pickup for us though. Really would solidify our line right now, and give us a lot of flexibility with Okungs future.
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  • Sammy Watkins!
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  • Greg Robinson would be a slam dunk. We could start him as a rookie at RT, or flip him to LT if Okung got injured again. It would also allow them to start Bowie inside at LG. Of all the draft choices, he would be the biggest difference maker and would eventually replace Okung if they couldn't agree to a reduced salary.

    LT Okung, Bailey
    LG Bowie, Carpenter
    C Unger, Jeanpierre
    RG Sweezy, Schilling
    RT Robinson, Hauptmann
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