The WR we draft will depend on which WR we are replacing...

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  • If we are replacing Rice then we will go Robinson (love is ability to go and get those jump balls and he has a litttle wiggle to him for a big WR)---I don't think he will be available at end of 2nd round

    If we are replacing Tate then Beckham Jr has to be our guy... he has elite ability at coming back to the ball (like Tate does) and immediately turning up field to get the extra 5 yards...not sure he will be available with our first pick....will all depend on what teams do in the 10 picks right before ours. I don't think a WR will be picked in the first 15 picks of the 1st round.....................................If Beckham is gone then Abbrederis isn't like Tate, but more like Baldwin can get behind defenses and make acrobatic catches. Might be available until early 3rd round...

    Those are the 3 that I see that fit our offense the best. The other possibility might be Huff from Oregon, but he would still be available in the 4th most likely. I'm not sure DAT would be a great fit in our offense, but he might be around until the 5th... WR is the most intriguing position in this draft for me.
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  • A Rice type is far more important IMO. We already have a Tate type in Baldwin and maybe Kearse though he seems more like a cross between the two.
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  • Well, the Hawks are picking at #32, so who they pick, if they do go WR, will be a function of who is left on the board. I think they want the WR that's the highest on their board, not who best fits a replica of what they had. Also, there likely will be 2 WR's taken in the top 15, Watkins in the top 5, and Mike Evans in the top 12.
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  • I stopped reading this after "I don't think a WR will be picked in the first 15 picks of the 1st round".
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  • I hope we are trying to replace Rice and not Tate.
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