Any chance Dee Ford still around at 32??

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Any chance Dee Ford still around at 32??
Sat Mar 29, 2014 8:16 pm
  • If Dee Ford is gone by 32 I think we should slide out of 1st round and pick up a 3rd/early 4th rounder. (Perhaps trade with JAX who might want to jump back into 1st to get a sliding qb prospect like Teddy B.) With extra early pick then draft pass rushing DE or DT with first pick, WR with size with other 2nd rounder and then grab a RT with our extra pick. Just don't see us targeting TE, CB, LB or OG early in the draft.

    Late in the draft I would love to see us pick up Ben Gardner from Stanford. On his recent pro day he had a 39.5 vert at 260 lbs. Also ran high 4.7's coming off of an injury. Big time motor.
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  • Watching Ford, he makes Bruce Irvin look like a complete DE in comparison. At least Irvin in college had some power rush to go with his speed. Ford is nothing but edge rush, and playing in a 6'2" 244 pound body, I think it's kind of strange that he's being talked about as a late 1st round pick.

    Seattle only needed one season to decide that Irvin wasn't meant to be an NFL DE. I think Ford will probably be there at #32. It will be interesting to see what Pete does, because Ford fits the profile from a quickness and speed perspective. But like I said, he's basically Bruce Irvin the lesser. Ford gets stonewalled so easily when tackles get their hands on his numbers, and he can't even translate speed to power when tackles are backpedaling. He actually reminds me a lot of Barkevious Mingo. If he plays 3-4 OLB he might get you a small handful of sacks but won't be a true impact player. As a 4-3 DE I think he will bust horribly.

    I'm not terribly worried though, it is very likely Seattle will draft OL or WR at #32 given the need and the excellent options that will be available to them.
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  • I wouldn't draft him at #64. Very average.
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  • kearly wrote:
    I'm not terribly worried though, it is very likely Seattle will draft OL or WR at #32 given the need and the excellent options that will be available to them.

    I actually think it is more likely they go D-line than it is O-line in the first round. Just curious, but what excellent option do you see available at # 32 on the o-line? I think the UCLA guard is taken in the 20's, and I've seen names like Morgan Moses and Joel Bitonio, but I don't see those as excellent options at all.
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  • I am not that high on Dee Ford, at least not for our defense. I am still holding out hope that Bruce Irvin will become a good pass rusher for us. IMO Irvin lost his starting LB job to Malcolm Smith, so I think there will be more playing reps for Irvin as a rotational DE.
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  • The Seahawks have one of the few schemes that Ford would succeed on. He can't drop back into coverage or play the run, whatsoever (only 29 tackles on the year). He has struggled with injuries throughout his career and is an awkward tackler. I would be happy to take him in the Fourth Round. He's pretty fast and has some elite pass rushing moves.
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