Quincy Enunwa Nebraska WR/H-back

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Quincy Enunwa Nebraska WR/H-back
Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:29 am
  • The top TE's should go fairly early in draft and if the hawks don't want to invest a first round pick on a H-back type player then they might have to get creative. The success that Jordan Reed (6'3,236lbs,4.70 40) had with the Redskins it showed me that a TE can be undersized and still be effective in the passing game so why not convert a physical WR into a H-back/TE. I know Chris Harper did'nt work out but I don't think the hawks should just give up on a big physical pass catcher but don't use a 5th round pick. Nebraska's Quincy Enunwa is a 6'2 225 lb WR with 4.52 speed that is physical, can catch the ball(10 TD's in 2013) and likes to run block if Enunwa added 10-15 pounds he would still be fast as a TE. He's likely a 7th rounder/ Free agent type player so it would'nt be a large investment.
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Re: Quincy Enunwa Nebraska WR/H-back
Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:14 am
  • There are a lot of mid-round TE that I like in the draft so I don't know that we really have to get creative. But, defiantly not opposed to doing that. I would give Enunwa a try at WR and if he can't win the numbers game at WR, then I'm all for giving him a try as a hybrid TE or FB...

    Okay, I just looked up some of his youtube highlights and he looks like he could be a stud special teams player or even 3rd string SS/FS, the kid can hit. He has good size, nice speed, and physical player...maybe draft him as a athlete and see where he sticks. Anyway, thanks for bringing this player to our attention. I'm not all about just 1st round and 2nd round guys, I also like these mid-round/late round prospects as well.

    Here is Enunwa #18 with a big hit on a defensive lineman.

    Here he is again, this time his hit forced a fumble.

    Finally, here is his 99 yard TD from his bowl game. I actually watched this game, but I was focused on a few of Nebraska's defensive players.
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Re: Quincy Enunwa Nebraska WR/H-back
Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:08 pm
  • Wow,I like this guy..Yes he could be a natural safety or with more weight a monster linebacker..If he lost say 10lbs I like him as a wr too..He run pretty good and doesn't go down easy at all..
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