Johnny Manziel better than Russell Wilson!

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  • kearly wrote:
    Attyla the Hawk wrote:I'd want Seattle to consider him if he's still available at 32.

    Only way this happens is if Pete moonlights as an NSA agent and intercepts a call saying the Rams are moving up to #33 to target Manziel. Honestly, I would gladly light a #32 pick on fire to keep Manziel away from the Rams. That's how much it would suck if he ends up on that team.

    Agreed. Taking him means we can direct where he goes. We know how overvalued QB prospects are. Manziel has rough edges we would be uniquely capable of smoothing. Given how Seattle is prone to trading down (and I'd assume we'd try this year as well), I would think Manziel, with some development and grooming, could net more for us in return than simply moving down from 32. I wouldn't even dismiss the possibility that the evening between round 1 and round 2 the next day might be filled with trade inquiries from teams that hoped he'd fall to round 2.

    It would be a risk for sure. But it's a big reward kind of play -- albeit in the future. As far as immediate need, Seattle will likely be in the market for a backup anyway. We will know well before the draft if Jackson is gone. And taking Manziel wouldn't preclude us getting another journeyman backup either.

    Ultimately, if we were willing to add Christine Michael because he was so talented even though we were stocked at the position because we 'couldn't let talent like that pass', then how could the same not apply for an electric QB prospect. I don't see a playmaker of his pedigree being available where we will likely be picking.

    If we could get 2 first round picks for Rick Mirer ....
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  • JSeahawks wrote:I think he'll be more like rg3 then Russell Wilson. His body is not made to take the nfl pounding. He's not only short but he's small as well. He might light the league on fire for a short while, but I think he'll flame out pretty quickly.

    Yeah, I'm right there with ya.

    Did you watch the LSU game? That was bad. He was getting hit pretty hard, and struggling to get back up. Kid looked pretty shaken up.

    If he can get that rattled against a decent college team filled with relatively small defensive players, what do you think he's going to look like against an NFL defense filled with vastly superior defensive players who hit twice as hard?

    He's got a petite frame - small legs, real skinny midsection, narrow shoulders. That doesn't bode well for putting on a lot of mass to deal with the NFL hits. You can just see that his body type is more like a jogger than a lifter. And if he's going to scramble in the NFL, he needs to put on a LOT of weight.

    I saw a photo of Russell Wilson standing next to Drew Brees, and it was striking how much "thicker" Wilson is than Brees. You wouldn't think so with all the talk about Wilson being a small guy, but he's stout. Stouter than Vick, stouter than Brees, stouter than a lot of QBs, and I think that combined with his short height makes him better suited for the NFL hits. It's probably how he was able to escape a season full of late hits and punishing sacks while our O-line was all battered.

    Further, the maturity issues are real. This kid has grown up being praised and being special, being a celebrity. How is he going to deal with the inevitable realities of going to the NFL - being benched, falling behind in big games, getting crushed since he's going to be playing on a bad team, having press scrutiny vastly worse than what he sees now? He wasn't dealing well with the situation at Texas A&M. I honestly don't think he has the mental makeup to do what Russell has done. I don't believe he has what it takes to bring his team from 21 down and win a game in the NFL. He hasn't even done that in college, where Wilson did.

    In summary, this scout is smoking some good weed. Wilson is the real deal. Manziel is a fad that will blow over quicker than the MC Hammer dance.
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  • FWIW, I'm concerned about Manziel's toughness/durability at the next level too. I wouldn't compare him to RG3 though- RG3 was reckless as a runner in 2012 much like a young Michael Vick. I'm a little worried that Manziel might take a brutal sack and get shell shocked a bit, but I'm not too worried about him destroying his body as an NFL runner. He's much smarter than RG3 as a runner.
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  • Athletically maybe but he doesn't have the smarts like Wilson does. That's the factor that puts Wilson ahead of other gifted athletes. Besides he could learn a lesson or two in humility from Russell.
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  • HawkWow wrote:It's easy to understand the comparisons between RW and Manziel. Like RW, I think Manziel will have instant success at the next level. But when it's said and done, I think the real comparison will be between Griffin and Manziel. I think Manziel's success will be short lived in the NFL. He's too reckless and built more like a corner than an NFL QB. Bad combination in terms of longevity, IMO.

    Manziel's style inside the pocket reminds me more a smaller, quicker Ben Roethlisberger in terms on extending plays & throwing the ball down field. Once Manziel escapes the pocket, he more like Mike Vick. If I were a NFL franchise, I would really be concerned with this. He has a really bad habit for a player his size of lowering his shoulder & taking on LB's, safeties & CB's. Durability is definitely going to be an issue in the NFL if he doesn't learn to protect himself when leaving the pocket.

    Secondly, Manziel is a rich, spoiled brat who seems to love the celebrity that football has created for him, more then a natural love for the game itself. Johnny comes from Texas oil money. His family history is littered with members with character flaws including a close uncle who ran an underground cock fighting ring. The Manziel way has definitely rubbed off Johnny who feels he can do whatever, whenever without any repercussions.

    This guys knack for the nightlife is well documented. He couldn't even finish his responsibilities at Manning Passing Academy in Thibodaux, La this summer because he spent the Friday night of camp weekend getting wasted on Bourbon St. in New Orleans. I would have serious doubts about wanting to make him a face of a franchise or to lead a team. One has to wonder if he will seriously put the work in on the next level to be the best QB he could possibly be.
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  • Honestly, I'd be less concerned about his character flaws than his body type.

    Am I really the only one wondering how a guy with the physique of a broom stick is going to survive as a scrambling quarterback in the nfl?
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  • HansGruber wrote:Honestly, I'd be less concerned about his character flaws than his body type.

    I think character flaws are huge red flags especially at the quarterback position. Quarterbacks are drafted to lead & be the face of a franchise. Look at all the bust at QB position. Most of these busts occurred because of some type of character flaw, poor work ethic, selfishness, huge ego, etc.

    Michael Vick admitted that he felt he didn't need to read his playbook or offensive game plans while he has in Atlanta. The same goes for Jamarcus Russell with Oakland. Would you want a QB running your team who is selfish & fails to put in the extra work on the practice field or in the film room?
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  • Yeah, he totally has a better attitude and work ethic than RW! :sarcasm_off:
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  • DTexHawk wrote:There's no doubt that at the same age and after 2 years of college ball, Johnny is ahead.

    And just because RW has the start of a great career in the NFL doesn't mean that Johnny can't also excel at the next level.

    Will Johnny be as fortunate to go to a team with a coach and system like RW has in Seattle?

    We shall see in 2-3 years.

    You can spin it anyway you want Wilson is made to play Pro football your boy is a poor man's kapernick. Manziel is way too much of a head case to be a successful nfl qb.
    The nfl is littered with physical prospects who were busts, your Texas homerism is showing.
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  • QB is first and foremost a cerebral position. Can Johnny read a defense like Russ? Is he already able to look off a safety (Russ was doing this in his first preseason start last year vs. the Chefs)? Is he smart enough to not throw into double coverage? If the arm strength is there and he can do those things, he'll succeed. If not, he'll be RG III/Colon Krapperdink.

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  • HansGruber wrote:Honestly, I'd be less concerned about his character flaws than his body type.

    Am I really the only one wondering how a guy with the physique of a broom stick is going to survive as a scrambling quarterback in the nfl?

    I'm right there with you. I actually have the same concerns with Bridgewater. He's a stick as well.

    Mariota needs to fill out more as well.
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