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  • 12's, please support our team and a great charity by supporting the following event:

    Charity Event~ Metropolitan Grill and Seahawks Team Up to Tackle Cystic Fibrosis: Monday October 21, 2013

    Metropolitan Grill has partnered with Seattle Seahawks once again for the 6th Celebrity Waiters Dinner.

    Several Seahawk players will serve as CELEBRITY WAITERS in The Met dining room on Monday, October 21st 2013 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

    Seahawks players* scheduled to appear include:
    Cliff Avril
    Michael Bennett
    Red Bryant
    Chris Clemons
    Tony McDaniel
    Clinton McDonald
    Brandon Mebane
    Greg Scruggs
    *subject to change

    Proceeds from the dinner benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation here in Washington.

    The event is open to the public. The Met is taking reservations now.

    All the details can be found below.

    Celebrity waiters, Metropolitan Grill management and CFF representatives will be available for interviews and photos at the event. Contact The Met @ 206-624-3287 to schedule a reservation.
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  • I will be there!
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  • Too late to call, I better call tomorrow morning, hope there are spots left (and I can afford it).
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  • Had i known I could have just made reservations last night online, I would have. bummer.
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  • I'm in!!! 8:15 reservation!!!!
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  • Yeah I took the 5:30 reservation. Figured I'll just show up @ 5:30, seated around 5:45. Have a few drinks and hang out. Get to take some picks with the players when they show up at 6:30 ISH...probably be done with dinner around then too, and leave. Should be fun. Hopefully we have a few surprise players show up. i.e. i know Golden and RW did the Charity event last year (but that one was like $200-$300 a head I think).
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  • I'd definitely go, but it's a work night and I get up at 3:10 AM. Just an FYI though... Be prepared to take a bite out of your wallet! I took my wife there for a date about 5 months ago, and dropped over 3 bills for dinner, and that was with one drink each! I guess we didn't need to get the Wagyu beef, but that was kinda why we went there (and it wasn't any better than your average domestic "Prime" cuts, IMO). But the Prime steaks aren't much cheaper. The tip was more than I would normally spend on a nice night out! But it's for charity, plus you get to meet some Seahawks! Which would be awesome! Wish I could go.
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  • Gave up my 5:30 reservation, decided it wouldn't be a financially smart move on my part :(. There is a 5:45 availability for two that just opened though for anyone who is interested.
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  • how did it go?

    Where can I find
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  • I'm curious too, waiting to hear the oh "Russell Wilson, Golden Tate, Earl Thomas, and Sidney Rice all showed up unexpectedly as well".
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