Mini-Camp vs Signed Contract for UDFA

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Mini-Camp vs Signed Contract for UDFA
Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:50 pm
  • What is the difference between a signed UDFA and a mini-camp invitee? Example: Justin Veltung (mini-camp) vs Matt Austin (signed contract)???
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  • A minicamp invitee is just that, someone invited to come and work out at minicamp. If they like them, they'll sign them. If not, they'll waive goodbye. Simples.

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  • Signed UDFAs will get a little money in the form of a bonus. Their contracts, however, usually aren't guaranteed and can be terminated at any time. NFL teams have a pool of money they're allowed to allocate to UDFAs as signing bonuses (in recent years, I heard it was $75,000 total). In 2011, for example, the Seahawks gave the biggest chunk of their signing bonus allotment to Doug Baldwin ($17.5K), Jeron Johnson ($15K) and Pierre Allen ($10K).

    Mini-camp invites are like pure tryouts. It's like going out for your high school team.
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  • One has a contract. The other does not.
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