Drafting for the future

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Drafting for the future
Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:31 pm
  • I think that concept will be in play more than ever this year. They could grab the eventual replacements for guys like Zach Miller and Sidney Rice, who are very expensive. We can afford them now...we probably can't in a few years with three massive deals pending (Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson).

    Alas, I won't be surprised to see non "imminent needs" kinds of picks this year...because we really don't have any imminent needs.

    There are several positions we all would probably like to see addressed, but I think the future snapshot is more of a factor than ever with our draft plan this time.

    We shall see, I guess. My money is on a DT at #56, but a TE (like Ertz) or a big-body WR won't make me blink twice.
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Re: Drafting for the future
Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:35 pm
  • I definitely think that we could see some replacement type of picks. It makes sense to get either Miller's or Rice's replacement in this draft, don;t have to get both, but ya I could see at least one.
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Re: Drafting for the future
Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:31 am
  • I agree with getting either one's replacement in this draft.

    The Hawks would have 3 years to develop the player, if needed, before replacing the one we have now. At this point in time, I expect both will play out their contracts with the Hawks and neither would get a long extension. Miller will be 30 y/o at the end of his current contract. Rice will be 30 as well.

    Miller's cap hit peaks this year at $11M and goes back down to being reasonable and affordable at $7M in 2014... and then $6M in 2015, after which he is a FA. BTW, his dead money amount for this year is $7M to don't expect Zach to be cut this year.

    Otoh, Rice's cap hit this year is $9.7M, the same in 2014 and a slight increase to $10.2 in 2015, after which he too is a FA.
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Re: Drafting for the future
Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:01 pm
  • Ertz would be fat ass !!!!

    I would love to have him lined up with Miller.....

    Oooooweeeee.....Gabow !!!!!
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Re: Drafting for the future
Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:15 pm
  • With 10 picks and limited roster spots, I am wondering if you move up for a few targeted positions or do you go with the volume picking technique? Do you try to stash a few on the PS vs less signing money for fewer draft picks.

    The team has ~12 players playing on a 1 yr contract so maybe using all 10 picks and let competition work its course is the way to go.

    BTW, here are the 12:

    Brady Quinn - QB
    Mike Robinson - FB
    Tony McDaniel - DT
    Clinton McDonald - DT
    Michael Bennett - DE/DT
    Heath Falwell - LB
    Antoine Winfield - DB
    Walter Thurmond III - DB
    Chris Maragos - S
    Breno Giacomini - RT
    Paul McQuistan - RG/RT
    Lemuel Jeanpierre - C

    13th player

    Steven Hauschka - K (I think he has a one year RFA tender that he signed)
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