Peter King on KJR: 49ers want to move up for S. Richardson

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  • jlwaters1 wrote:I think it's a good thing their willing to trade up. Let's look at what they've got- 13 picks, vs Seattle's 10 picks. If they give up 3 picks to take a Richardson they they lose out on those other 3 picks and possibly getting good players. I'd thing the massive tradeup is undesireable in most situations. I know ATL getting Julio was a great move, but they also limited their ability in improving their team elsewhere. Thus they have a good passing attack and a suspect defense.

    I'd generally agree with this and hope they do give up some of their significant picks. They would be putting all their eggs in one basket vs. the chance of landing a few top players. Also, I'm not as high on Richardson as some are either.
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  • I don't think this is going to work out for the niners.
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