Keenan Allen failed combine drug test

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Keenan Allen failed combine drug test
Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:14 am
  • Adam Schefter
    Keenan Allen, the No. 1-rated WR on some boards, was red-flagged for a drug test at scouting combine in Indy and retested this month.

    Bad workouts + drugs? He will be there @ 56 if we want him (no thank you), maybe even the 3rd.
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  • I still don't see him falling to 56. But if he did, you take him in a heartbeat I think
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Re: Keenan Allen failed combine drug test
Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:31 am
  • Can we get some speed on the outside? A true burner! (Like they r easy to find haha)
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  • Wow, he has a lot of questions to answer now. I'd still have a hard time passing on him at #56, not that he is Randy Moss but I'm sure some teams regret passing on him. Allen has a very high ceiling and could be a true #1 WR, I'd probably take Hunter, Hopkins, or Woods to be safe ove him but at #56 the reward could be too high to pass on. Going from a projected to 5 pick most of the college season to 2nd or 3 rd pick could put a big chip on his shoulder and PC love players with talent and chips on their shoulder.
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  • You really should edit the subject, it's hugely misleading.

    There are no indications that Keenan Allen failed anything. Adam Schefter is claiming that his test was flagged due to a "high water content". No other reporters have confirmed the report which seems suspicious.
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Re: Keenan Allen failed combine drug test
Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:51 pm
  • Apparently he didn't actually fail the drug test. His result was only red flagged b/c it appeared he had too much water in his system which can be indicative of masking.

    Of course it could also be indicative of just drinking lots of water. Too me it seems that Schefter has unfairly painted this young man with a drugs question when there is very little proof of any wrongdoing.

    Unfortunate and reckless reporting that could hurt this player's draft position anything for the scoop.
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