Here it is... My incomplete prospect rankings

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  • First of all, thank you for this. I know first hand how much effort this took you and that cannot go without praise.

    With that said, I get the feeling you fall in love with unknown/underappreciated players and it affects your rankings. I have been guilty to over grade due to that a few times as well, but it takes out the objectivity of it and turns it to subjectivity. I, in no way shape or form, could ever fathom having Tank Carradine and Dion Jordan below Jamie Collins. There are several others that are head scratchers to me as well (although I am with you on Keenan Allen as my number 1 receiver as well). All in all I really enjoyed the post and it was something new and refreshing. I can definitely tell you have put in the time and work. But to say I disagree with a lot of it would be an understatement. But, I suppose the beauty of player evaluations is that no two people will see the same thing.
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  • Holy shit! That's a lot of work. And some very unique rankings.

    Just noticed that you're from Florence. It's a neat place- one of my favorite spots on the coast. I lived in Gold Beach as a kid for a couple years. I make a trip down the coast every few years and Florence is one of the better places, IMO.
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  • Nice work. What's funny is your outside the box rankings probably have as much chance of being correct as the mainstream one's from guys who all read each others hype. For all we know Colby could be the next Brady, Pough the next Lofa, and Lane Johnson the next Chris McCintosh.

    I had been thinking we'd go a diffrent route in the 2nd round other than DT after we signed M.Bennett but I am starting to see a big drop in talent at DT and really think we could get a solid starter at #56 at DT and still get a starting caliber WLB in the 3rd or mabye even 4th.
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  • Major props, a lot of impressive and detailed work.

    I'm surprised that Sheldon Richardson couldn't crack your top 10 DTs.

    Margus Hunt has lots of athletic ability (everybody says).
    I see a guy sort of like the Queen mary, needs a lot of room to turn.
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  • Wow!!! The amount of work you put in to this is absolutely amazing man! Seriously, thank you and even if everyone doesn't agree with each specific ranking, you've got it respect it because of all the hard work you put in to it. It's obvious that you've done your homework on these guys.

    Funny thing is, I actually like a lot of your rankings because of how outside the box they are and you have just as good a chance at being right about some of these guys as anyone else. Keep up the good work firebee, and thank you!
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  • You sparked my interest in Pough due to the fact that I see OLB as out #1 need and you listed him tops in that department. After watching some Pugh highlights, I dunno. He'd be a great 5th round and beyond acquisition as he has great instincts as he's one of those that finds a way to get to the ball. However, he also has a tough time shedding blocks and seems a little undersized and a step slow in the highlights I saw (against Rutgers). I'd rank'em like this:
    1. Jarvis Jones (not on the list as OLB, but would be great there)
    2. Khaseem Greene
    3. Alec Ogletree
    4. Arthur Brown
    5. Sio Moore
    6. DeVonte Holloman
    7. Keith Pough
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  • Well... Like I said guys... I did this strictly off of watching gametape without any knowledge of what the pundits were ranking the players. I know a lot of people like the Georgia linebackers, but I thought they seemed to be more products of the system than players that excelled on their own merit.

    As for Pough... I'm fully aware that his 40 time is lackluster, but the thing that stood out the most to me was his anticipation. On many many plays, he'd get a jump on the play before the back even got the ball in his hands. Reminded me a lot of Lofa Tatupu, but I also understand that may not translate due to the quality of competition that Pough faced. Still... his football IQ, fundamental tackling ability and his ability to work through trash impressed me.

    As for Colby Cameron... Don't mind the mechanics. His accuracy, velocity and arsenal of throws is impressive in itself. If he had poor grip like Jake Locker or Dave Krieg for example, I'd be leery of him, but he exhibits excellent grip. Some may think he looks smallish, but he's the same weight and height as Joe Montana, an inch shorter and 5 lbs. lighter than Rich Gannon. Definitely more athletic than either of them. I also really liked the fact that he'd turn it on and progressively get better as a game goes on, which tells me he plays well under pressure and does a great job of adjusting to defensive schemes. To me... Those are the qualities you look for in a QB.... not the throwing mechanics or a heavy build. If throwing mechanics and size determined the success of a QB in the NFL, Jamarcus Russell would've won the Super Bowl several times by now.
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