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Mock Draft
Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:54 pm
  • I know everyone likes to read them and critique them so I will give it a shot based on PC & JS's wants and actions over the last year mixed in with my own ideas. Here we go:

    RD2 (56) Gavin Escobar TE/S.D State. - PC & JS have been trying to upgrade the position since last year when they traded for K2. Could be that they like Ertz or McDonald better but I like Escobar alot and don't see any of the three getting to us at 87(3rd).

    RD3 (87) Tyrann Mathieu CB/LSU- Not sure if Pete likes him and not sure if I like him but he is a playmaker as a nickle slot corner and reminds me of Antoine Winfield (who i would love to sign but is too expensive) as a tough for his size playmaker/run defender. He helps us get off the field on 3rd down that killed us all last year.

    RD4 (123) Ricky Wagner OT/Wisconsin- He knows what its like to block for RW and he can play both sides. Could end up being our eventual starter on the right side.

    RD5 (138) Montori Hughes DT/Tenn Martin- Heard lots of positive from the SR. Bowl about him and I'm sure our FO noticed him there. We put ourselves in position to bring some guys along with FA so here is another to the mix.

    RD5 (158) Jawan Jamison RB/Rutgers- Need a versatile guy who can do a little bit of everything to replace Leon and this guy fits the bill.

    RD6 (194) Dustin Hopkins K/FSU- I've wanted a kicker with a big leg and who can kick off deep. This guy can and we need one anyway.

    RD7 (220) David Bass DE/Missouri Western- Small school production that looks like PC's type of project guy.

    RD7 (231) Cameron Lawrence OLB/MSU- LB could end up being filled early on if the right guy is on the board at the right time. I think we end up being a day late and a dollar short when it comes to this position.

    RD7 (241) John Boyett S/Oregon- He falls due to injury but is a good player when healthy and could add depth to the legion.

    RD7 (242) Brandon Kaufman WR/E WA- WR like LB could get addressed earlier if the right guy/right time is there but I don't think it will so we take the big local guy to end our draft.

    OK guys there it is. Go ahead and shoot it full of holes and offer your alternatives. :snack:
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Re: Mock Draft
Sat Apr 06, 2013 5:13 pm
  • I like the Brandon Kaufman pick a lot! :D

    As a diehard EWU Eagle fan, I've seen him play about as much as one could, and he's legit. He might not have the quick burst speed, but he has great long speed for a big guy, and most importantly he almost always comes down with the ball. I know it's cliche to compare white WRs to other white WRs, but Kaufman's skillset reminds me a lot of Jurevicius. He's a perfect safety valve on 3rd down and in the redzone, and he'll be a steal in round 6/7.

    I'm not real knowledgeable about the other players, but I guarantee we draft a QB, hopefully Matt Scott.
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Re: Mock Draft
Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:52 pm
  • Boyett had a private pro day today in Napa, and ran a mid 4.5 40, which actually isn't bad considering he is coming off having both MCL repaired, and just started be able to run in the last 30 days. Not sure if the hawks had anyone there, I know a dozen or so teams had people there, including the 49ers.

    Sounds like some scouts now see him as high as a potential 4th round pick now, and the 9ers sent their secondary coach and top scout to watch him. Would suck to see him land in SF.
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Re: Mock Draft
Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:37 am
  • Upfront, draft value is at least somewhat subjective. I heard somewhere recently that David Bass could be getting more attention and could even go as high as the 3rd round. Just reporting what I heard. I can't remember the source (and it's not as if it validates a player's draft value anyway.) There are several opinions on any one player. But, all this to say... I would think that getting him in the 7th round could be a great value pick there. I'm not sure the Hawks are going to draft a DE with all the players now in the fold... but, who knows. I suspect that Scruggs is going to continue to emerge and is not going anywhere.

    As far as Mathieu... (and just my opinion - and I know several others wholeheartedly disagree, I understand that)... with this courting of Winfield, it tells me that the Seahawks are really looking for a game changer in that slot corner position. So, if the Seahawks do not land Winfield, I wouldn't be surprised to see them take a chance on adding that production we saw in his college game. It wouldn't surprise me to even see him taken at 56 (but, I tend to agree with another poster who wonders if he'll even still be available that late.) Scoffers need not scoff. I understand he is a polarizing player. That could be said of Percy Harvin, as well. They are taking calculated risks in an endeavor to add players that will tilt the field. I love it and wouldn't be against them adding Mathieu as some are. He is a proven playmaker and if the Hawks take him... I'm going to trust they know what they're doing. I do think there are others who could offer something at that position. But, getting either Winfield or Mathieu (not necessarily saying they're the same player)... could result in "off the charts" production. They have that potential and it would be exciting to see if that would be the case.
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