the M. Goodman project

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the M. Goodman project
Sat Mar 30, 2013 7:08 pm
  • M. Goodman
    6 ft 4 inch
    276 lbs
    36' inch Arms !
    11' inch hands

    Don't know if anyone has brought this up but as you can read Malliciah Goodman is a big human being and has better potential in my eyes than say Margus Hunt. at 6'4 Goodman has 36' inch arms that beats out players of similiar size Joe Kruger,Margus Hunt, and William Gholston but all those are 6'6 an above so i think this abnormal arm length adds to Goodman's potential. i think the height he gives up to the others is an advantage to him should be easier to play with good pad level taller players seem to have a problem with it. the scouting report says he has the body to grow into a five tech, i wonder if he could add about 20 pounds without giving up much speed. if so i think he would be a good project that could develop into a starting 3 tech or at the very least a jason jones role.
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