Two RB's i'd consider in the mid rounds

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Two RB's i'd consider in the mid rounds
Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:20 pm
  • Even though Harvin can play some running back I still think we'll take a RB somewhere in this draft as insurance to Lynch and Turbin.

    Two guys id consider and be very happy with in the 3-5 round range:

    Johnathon Franklin from UCLA

    Or Russell Wilson's old teammate Montee Ball:

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  • Franklin is a favorite of Matt Waldman. I think Franklin is alright- strikes me as a perfectly average NFL RB. More of a competent RB than a "wow did you see that" RB. Think Mo Morris.

    Montee Ball is a lot like Mark Ingram. Tough, smart, polished, slow, good vision, nose for the endzone, benefited from awesome run blocking. I was a big fan of Ingram in 2011. Unfortunately, Ingram's been one of my bigger whiffs. He's been a big disappointment so far despite playing for a very good offense.

    I wouldn't hate getting either one, but there are many others who excite me more. Of the two, I think I'd prefer Ball. I think he'd fit our power running game very well. That plus I have some emotional attachment to that 2011 Wisconsin team, and it would be pretty amazing to see Wilson handing off to Ball once again.
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  • How about Boise's DJ Harper, who Waldman also gave a good write up to? Sounds like a great match for this offense: good, patient one-cut downhill runner with good receiving skills. Explosive with quick feet. Could be a good change of pace from Lynch and Turbin.
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  • Would like to get a faster guy that can do some return duties. Kerwin Williams from Utah St is my favorite for now. Would be cool to reunite him with Turbin too.
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