Tyler Wilson on NFL AM

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Tyler Wilson on NFL AM
Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:38 pm
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    Of all the second tier quarterbacks, which I covered yesterday on the blog, Tyler Wilson strikes me as the most likely of the bunch to be a Seahawk. He is more mobile than his 40 time suggests, plays the game like a point guard at quarterback, and has perhaps the best chance of the 2nd tier group to reach the mid rounds. I thought he gave a surprisingly good interview. I think he's one to watch on day two or possibly day three.
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Re: Tyler Wilson on NFL AM
Wed Apr 03, 2013 8:52 pm
  • No way we draft him. 3 would have to add an "R." on his jersey. What about the other little guys? The fans who already bought his jersey?

    Seriously, I saw that interview. I was hoping he would declare last year and that the Hawks would draft him (of course if RW was off the board ; )
    He seems like he's a got a great attitude, leadership qualities and would be an excellent teammate. His answers in the interview sound like a guy who keeps things in perspective that would be able to stick around the league certainly as a backup, if not a starter. I think he might be the best QB in this draft and would be a worthwhile use of a higher draft choice.
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