Swope brings up a needed area of improvement

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  • I had posted this ... ing-a-4-3/ in the thread "Ryan Swope", but it's so far buried it's not likely to get much visibility. I think it's worth reading, so wanted to bring it to everyone's attention.

    I thought about posting this in NFL Nation because it's not just about the draft. I definitely hope this doesn't end up in the shack.
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  • I think its facinating that scouts, fans, and even players themselves have the tendency to compare players because of their skin color. It doesn't matter what sport or what race. I was listening to one sports talk show with Steve Phillips, former Mets GM, and he said that scouts he's worked with ALWAYS compared players with those of the same race--be it black, white, or latino. A guy like Swope, who runs a 4.3 and lays the wood when he blocks, is hard to compare to any current player. I'm thinking Swope's film and speed reminds me a lot of Golden Tate. He's small, speedy, gets open, and plays tuff. Its too bad the word is starting to get out and he'll probably not be around for us to take him unless we trade up in the second round.
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  • I'd take Swope at 25
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  • I think Swope is a similar Giants WR Victor Cruz.
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  • Remember the movie, "White men can't jump"? It's a common perception that white people are nonathletic. Mostly because football is dominated by black athletes. Unfortunately, some people seem to think that the converse is true about minority intellect, which is probably why there are so few black head coaches.

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  • It's funny because there's a ton of comments on "gee, he doesn't play that fast".

    Uhhhh, look at any of his highlights. If he gets the ball in the open field, I didn't see anyone catch him from behind, even with the good angle, unless he was dodging defenders ahead of him. He's also behind a lot of defenders, which would indicate, well, speed.

    Regardless of all the noise, what round does he go in ? If we could get him in the 3rd, I'd be ecstatic. I doubt he lasts that long now.
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