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  • which round would it be?

    Now, before jump in with "1st round, of course" keep in mind Schneider's draft history. Has he found more hits in the 1st round or in, say, the 5th round?
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  • This draft? 2nd round. Reason being is that there are a couple of tiers of WR's available in this draft and even OLB's. I think the guys that are potentially more elite will be picked over by the middle of the 2nd. Also, theres guys like Sio Moore and Khaseem Greene who will be coveted in the 2nd. If the Hawks are going to go DL in the 1st round... I'm just wondering what they're going to end up with in the 3rd round - if that player is going to be able to be immediate starter material. Seems like everyone is saying the Hawks need to get a rotational pass-rusher at either DT or DE, OLB and WR (no particular order - but, I'll comment on that in a moment). I love the draft, but fans always squawk about where players are taken and inevitably players that everyone had in the 2nd round do end up available in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds. But, I'd rather still like to see what JS/PC could come up with with 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. I would love to have another high 2nd rounder. Let's hope the 49ers pick a Kicker with the Chiefs 2nd rounder they're getting!!!! (hey, could happen... right? ; ) Anyway... the D-lineman that are available seem to be a deep group and I think I'd rather take a chance on drafting that player in the 3rd round. I'd rather see the Hawks take some sort of pass-catcher in the 1st round whether it be one of the TE's (Ertz or Eifert) or Tavon Austin, Robert Woods, Wheaton, Hopkins, Swope, etc. (from that group of players). Then, if Sio Moore or Khaseem Greene are still there in the 2nd, take their pick. 3rd round - I'd like to see Devin Taylor be the selection if it fell that way for the Hawks - but, I think he is also rising up boards. With players rising up boards... others, of course, are going to be available later than expected.

    I'm so ready for Free Agency and the Draft. Excited to see what "championship" moves the Hawks make and to have something to discuss once more of next season's team starts taking shape.
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  • I think a better question would be "If you can use one of next year's draft picks this year, which would it be?" That way you have to sacrifice something. And I agree with Team, 2nd round has a lot of depth and I'd sacrifice the 2014 2nd rounder in a heartbeat although the 3rd rounder would be a consideration.
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  • Definitely a 3rd round. ;)

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  • Trade our 1st round pick for a 2nd round pick this year & a 1st round pick next year. That would give us two 2nd round picks this year that is loaded with talent in the 2nd round as opposed to the 1st round. That would also give us two 1st round selections in 2014 and we could possibly land a top-10 talent.

    Here are a few of elite prospects that could be in the 2014 draft.

    (DE) Jadeveon Clowney South Carolina
    (WR) Marqise Lee USC
    (WR) Sammy Watkins Clemson
    (DE/OLB) Anthony Barr UCLA
    (DT) Stephon Tuitt Notre Dame
    (TE) Austin Seferian-Jenkins Washington
    (OLB/DE) Kyle Van Noy BYU
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  • 1st round pick. Turn around and offload it for multiple 2nd's/3rd's depending on location within the 1st OR trade for next year's picks. As the previous post stated, there are some very good players to be had. My personal picks would be Clowney, Tuitt, ASJ or Jernigan.
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