Has your response to our team's draft picks shifted?

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  • In different era's throughout the team's history, when the team drafted a certain players- I would feel upset when the guy I really liked was passed on for another player. This was a common feeling in the Ruskell era, but there were certainly many before him that weren't great at building through the draft either.

    After seeing how they've built this team through drafting in all rounds, I honestly will not be able to criticize any picks regardless of who they select. I thought Irvin was a stretch with the likes of Coples, Perry, ect on the board, but it's worked out well. I think Bruce will continue to progress under Quinn into a top DE in the league. I wanted the Hawks to take Kendricks, and was upset when Wagner was our "consolation". I liked Wilson a lot, but knew we had other needs as well I would have liked to address.

    How great is it to have complete trust in your team's management? That the thought "I know better.." should never come in to anyone's head as long as they're here. We're lucky, folks!

    "We all we got, we all we need"
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  • I've got 100% trust in the players they take. Sure, we all have our favorites but if people are still having meltdowns because "their" player was passed over they really need to relax. These guys have built up enough draft equity that they should have the benefit of the doubt unless proven otherwise.
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  • I think they have definitely proved they know a hell of a lot more than the "experts".

    They don't subscribe to convention, which is refreshing.
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  • I agree with everything that has been posted. PC & JS definitely know what they are doing, so I have all the faith in the world that they know what they're doing.

    It'd be nice to see them hit on some offensive players, since, in my opinion, they haven't done that a lot or at all! This is the year they'll do it!
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  • Of course I'll still question the picks. I'm a Hawks fan and a draft fan, and I do think I know better.

    And I'll be wrong. But I won't Admit it.
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  • The only two picks that upset me even a little last year were Bobby Wagner over Lavonte David and Robert Turbin over Chris Polk. David had a great rookie year, but Wagner was even better and while some disagree with me I think David is a pure 4-3 WILL, so Wagner gives us more flexibility too. I really liked Turbin, thought he'd be a steal in the mid rounds, but Polk was my #3 RB that year behind Richardson and Miller. Turbin was my 5th or 6th favorite. Still think we should have taken Polk, but I will assume that NFL GMs know something about Polk that the rest of us do not (rumor was he didn't give very good interviews). I would have taken Coples over Irvin but it was extremely close, and I loved Irvin so I had no complaints there.

    I wanted Mark Ingram over James Carpenter. Ingram has been a disappointment so far. That really surprises me- he wasn't a phenom athlete but he had absurdly good college tape. Russell Wilson good. One scout compared Chance Warmack to Carpenter. I know he didn't mean it as a compliment, but I think he's right. Carpenter definitely has it in him to be a 49ers-style huge road grader at guard. He pull blocks very well for his size too.

    I really liked our 2010 draft. I wanted Derrick Morgan over Earl Thomas but obviously Seattle made the right call there. The only thing that miffed me about that draft was how we kept passing on safety Reshad Jones over and over again. I thought he was the best strong safety in the entire draft. Finally, Seattle drafted a strong safety in the 5th, while Jones was miraculously still on the board. I was pissed when I saw the name Kam Chancellor. Both have turned into very good strong safeties in the NFL. Jones made a lot of pro-bowl snub lists this past season.
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  • I think Coples could have been a better pick. He is an excellent 5 tech, and can get pressure from the inside which is what we need. However, as you mentioned Irvin will be great too.

    Earl Thomas was a guy I wanted over everyone in the draft, so I was pumped when he fell to our second pick. I saw so much instinctiveness on tape from U Texas.

    "We all we got, we all we need"
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