Seahawks Mock Draft with a trade and comp picks!

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  • 1, #25 WR Justin Hunter Tennessee
    While the WR position is deep in this years draft Hunter is one of the few that has #1 WR potential. I do think there is a good chance the Seahawks could trade out of the first round altogether.

    2, #56 OLB Sio Moore UCONN
    Moore is a perfect fit for WLB and is a better pass rusher than other Linebackers in this draft like Greene.

    3, #87 OT Chris Faulk LSU
    Depth is needed on the OL and Faulk is a mauler to compete with Breno at RT.

    4, #109 WR Tavarres King UGA I traded the 5th,#140, 5th, #160 & 6th, #195 to N.O. For #109. With the depth of the Seahawks roster I'm just not sure those three picks have a chance to make the team. I believe the depth of this WR class will push a WR like Bailey, Dobson or Rogers Into the 4th but I'm just not sure who slides so I'll go with a guy who should go in this area.

    4, #123 DT Montori Hughes Tennessee-Martin
    A DT to develop behind Mebane.

    7, #214 K Caleb Sturgis Florida
    A kicker to battle Hauschka

    7, #220 RB/KR Onterio McCalebb Auburn
    A speed back to challenge Washington

    7, #231 TE Levine Toilolo Stanford
    A 6'8" target

    7, #241 QB Colby Cameron LA Tech
    A development type who is a good athlete and took care of the football.

    7, #245 WR T.J. Moe Missouri
    Another WR this time a slot guy with good hands a bad 40 time but scored well in all the other drills.

    Hopeful one or two of these 7th rounders can stick. Feedback welcome! Let me know what you like and what you don't .
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  • Can you explain the trade up to grab King for me? I know I know who he is and have watched his tape, but off the top of my head I can't place who he is. So essentially, what makes him worth the trade up?

    As to the Sio Moore pick, I love the pick. I had him in my mock in the same spot, but I think when saying he's a better pass rusher you're talking about two different types. Greene, IMO, is the better blitzer of the two. He times his rush as well as any LB in this draft and has exceptional initial explosion off the snap. Moore, on the other hand, offers the better versatility when rushing the QB. He can line up anywhere on the field (even defensive end) and make a play. Essentially it's a matter of what type of pass rusher from the WLB position you like when choosing Greene or Moore.

    As to drafting Justin Hunter, it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him jump into the first round and to the Hawks. He has the physical attributes that Pete would love.
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  • Lemme watched that bleacher report video, didn't you?
    There was this monkey, right?
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  • Yeah get rid of the trade and it wouldn't be a bad mock, in a draft that is full of talent at WR why trade up for one, especially after you just drafted a WR in round one. I like Hunter but would rather go Patterson, Allen,Austin or Hopkins.
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  • Recon_Hawk: I guess I should have explained the trade better. I traded the Seahawks two 5th's and 6th round picks to get one player who has a better shot at making the roster. Tavarres King is more of a placeholder for that slot. IMO because of the depth at the WR position some WR's will slip I'm just not sure which ones. I decided to mock a WR with a 4th round grade at pick 109. For example I was trying to avoid everyone saying WR X would have no chance at being on the board in the 4th round.

    Peachesenregalia: I did watch the Bleacher Report video but after I did this mock draft.

    GetNasty: I went with Hunter because he is one of the few WR's in this draft with #1 WR potential. I'm scared of Patterson's bust potential and also think he will be off the board by the 25th pick. i like Austin, Allen and Hopkins but don't view any of them as a true number one. I also drafted three WR's in this draft because Rice, Tate and Baldwin are the only locks on the roster and depth is desperately needed.
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  • Just because Hunter is "tall & fast" doesn't IMO make him a WR that should be of much interest to the Seahawks. Many people here believe tall & fast = a TD maker in the red zone, but that's not always the case. Catching the ball isn't his best skill and forget about YAC. It takes a bit more than height and speed to make a productive WR. If you want to see good production look at Steadman Bailey with his NCAA leading (by a mile) 25-TD's last year, (but then he's "too short" at 5-10).

    --"Hunter has a lean body type from head to toe and needs to add more strength and bulk, but lacks the frame to easily put on weight. He isn't overly explosive after the catch and is a little straight-linish, lacking flexible ankles and needing a moment when changing his directions. Hunter plays rushed and needs to stay under control in his routes and when locating the ball".
    --"He needs to eliminate some bad habits, playing wild at times, jumping when he doesn't need to and losing yardage when he reverses his field trying to do too much".
    --"Hunter lacks natural hands to corral fastballs and is too inconsistent catching the ball with a lot of body catches and double catches. He needs to secure grabs and doesn't always look the ball into his hands or locate, battling streaky hand/eye coordination".
    --"lacking the physicality to consistently out-muscle most defenders",
    --"He lacks the build to break tackles",
    --"Hunter holds the ball too loose after the catch and needs to protect the ball".
    --"He has some durability concerns because of his lean build, including a torn ACL in his left knee (Sept. 17, 2011).
    --Hunter struggled against top competition in 2012 with just 2 of his 9 touchdowns coming against SEC foes and his 4 100-yard receiving performances were against Georgia State, Akron, Troy and Missouri". ... yid=108792
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