Trade Possibilities regarding the draft?

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Trade Possibilities regarding the draft?
Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:39 pm
  • This FO really seems to make some moves and pick up extra picks. That said are they in a position where they could move a guy like Flynn or some of their current picks to acquire some other picks?

    First is Flynn. Now Alex Smith got moved to a KC for their 2nd round pick and a mid round pick. Is Flynn worth a 3rd pick to one of the teams at the at the top half of the draft that could use a QB like the Jags, Raiders, Browns, Cards, Bills and JEts?

    Second, could the Hawks not be enamored by anyone in particular in the late first round and trade out of it? The dolpins have 2 2nds and 2 3rds. I know it isn't really accurate but could the Hawks give up their 25th pick worth 720 points for the Dolphins 42nd pick worth 480 and their 77th pick worth 205?

    Maybe the hawks hve to give up some or all of their 6th and 7th round picks to make these 2 things happen but if they did their draft order would look like:

    2nd-11th and 26th
    3rd-10th(using trade with Jets), 15th and 25th
    5th-5th and 25th
    6th-maybe give up
    7th-maybe give up all 3

    That is still 8 total picks with all in the 2nd-5th rounds in a draft with very little in the way of elite prospects but with a lot of depth. Then with those picks could we see a draft of:

    11th pick in the 2nd-Datone or Short
    26th pick in the 2nd-Lemonier
    10th pick in the 3rd-swope or Bailey
    15th pick in the 3rd-travis kelce
    25th pick in the 3rd-Zavier Gooden
    26th pick in the 4th-Jordan Mills
    5th pick in the 5th-Denard Robinson
    25th pick in the 5th-Matt scott
    If we have any late round picks maybe pick up a Safety and/or Corner.

    To be fair, for the mock part of it I basically looked at Kearly's different mocks and put in some of the guys. This mock is actually near identical to Kearly's what he thinks will happen mock. I just felt some of the guys he put in that mock were going to be off the board at the original draft picks.

    Anyways, the point mostly was with this FO anything is possible and they don't seem to follow conventional wisdom. I am hoping for lots of trading around.
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  • Well if your a team that is close typically there are fewer roster spots available, we are young in a lot of positions so were only going at least on paper get better there. Using the GB and New England approach you let the draft come to you or let teams come to you that are needy and get more then you would asking. Getting more picks just means you have more bodies at some point. Getting pick upgrades from teams that are needy in a higher slot in a future draft is where were going to be headed soon.
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  • I wouldn't mind trading our 1st round pick to the Bills for a their 2nd round pick this year and their 1st round pick next year.

    Sehawks get from Bills: 2nd round pick & 1st round pick in 2014
    Bills get from Seahawks: 1st round pick

    That is assuming the Bills drafted a position other than QB with their #8th overall pick and wanted to get back into the 1st round for Barkley or whomever they coveted at QB.

    This senario we still get a quality player at near the top of round 2 and could possibly have a top-10 pick with the Bills 2014 1st round pick.
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