Jarvis Jones, this year's DaQuan Bowers

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Jarvis Jones, this year's DaQuan Bowers
Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:22 pm

    I saw this posted on draft insider several days ago and never really got around to mentioning it here. It now seems likely that Jones will reach the 25th pick, and might even slide well into the 2nd round.

    I won't tell anyone how to do their job, but I think Jarvis Jones would be a great pick at #25. I know it won't happen. The reason Jones was even playing at Georgia was because of a judgement call Pete Carroll and his medical staff made.

    Yes, he is not likely to have a 10 year NFL career. The risk of him doing nothing is relatively high. But I think if you get 4 years of cheap pass rush production, you've won that pick in a big way, even if those are the only years you get. Jones has lasted 2 years already when people told him he should quit. I think he could make it another four. I think four is all it would take to justify the pick, even over some great alternatives. I'm not ignoring the risk, but weighing it compared to the alternatives. Jones is special as a pass rusher and more complete of a LEO prospect than Irvin.

    As far as the morality argument, Jones will be playing in the NFL. The only question is for who and how much. I'd rather have it be for us. I know he won't be a Seahawk, but I think things like risk and lack of longevity can be made up for if a player is special enough, and I think Jones is special enough.
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  • Very intriguing thought....but I have serious doubts about Seahawks interest in Jones, and it has nothing to do with his medical condition. Though seems to have the physical make-up and skill-set to be a typical Seahawk, rumors of his lack of work ethic in practice seem to have merit. Most believe that he did not run at the combine because he had already gotten out of shape after the season, and was focusing on his pro day to run the 40. Carroll and Norton Jr would both be very familiar with Jones' skill-set and work ethic during his short tenure at USC. Plus I am sure that Jones is not really happy with Carroll, because it is likely that Carroll brought him the news that his Trojan career was over. I could imagine that his anger/frustration would come out during his interviews with the Seahawks. He seems like a physical fit, but likely too many other issues that would cause the Seahawks to pass
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  • Wasn't it Kiffin's call? I thought this happened after Pete left to come here?
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  • I believe that Jones' freshman year - 2009 - was Carroll's final season at USC. Jones was sidelined by the medical staff halfway through the season - which was Carroll and Norton Jr. and the previous coaching/training staff. But after the 2009 season, Carroll left to come to Seattle, Kiffin took over, and Jones was granted his release from his scholarship by Kiffin. Technically, Kiffin released him from his scholarship, but Pete and staff sidelined him during the season.
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  • I would love to roll the dice on Jones at 25, top 5 talent with a chip on his shoulder.
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  • all they need is an MRI and have a neurologist do a test. They stick needles in the skin and check the signals coming from the spine down the legs. It'sclose to painless. And if he has had a laminectomy and there hasn't been any deterioration since, he should be good to go. Spinal stenosis is just growth that restricts the nerve passage. It can stop a leg from functioning or just cause minor twinges.

    With a clean bill of health, I don't see why he couldn't play 6 or 7 years.
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  • I'd definitely be down with this.

    2 days ago I was sitting around just chillin, and for some reason I decided to watch this video on Youtube.

    I looked away for a minute and kept hearing the name Jarvis Jones, almost to the point where it started to annoy me. So I looked back at the computer, started the video over and decided to watch it all the way through. What I saw was one of the most dominant defensive performances of the 2012 season, in my opinion.

    Granted, Missouri's pass protection admittedly looks awful. As does their QB. However, that doesn't change the fact that Jones was all over the place in this game. If the questions about his work ethic are true I wouldn't be too worried about Pete and Norton and company whippin him in to shape real quickly. He'd be quite the weapon as a pass rusher, and Dan Quinn has mentioned that we'll be blitzing a bit more this season. Maybe he means with the LB's? He wasn't shy of bringing LB and Safety heat during his time with the Gators and having coached in the SEC he knows all about Jarvis. Also, in the past we've seen Pete defer to his coaching staff on certain high draft picks (Cable basically selecting Carp/Moffitt... Sweezy later on in the draft as another example) so maybe Quinn will have a big say in who gets drafted on D?

    It'd be a risk with his injury concerns but sometimes you've got to roll the dice. What do they say? Fortune favors the bold? Sounds like a few guys we know (PC/JS for those scoring at home) If he falls, I'd love the move. You just know he'd play his heart out having finally made it to the NFL when no one said he would and not really knowing how much time he has left to play. And hey, Marshawn even said he hated Pete when he was at Cal, things change when you make it to the big time.

    *You just gotta love the LT/Theismann type hit from behind from Jones at the 7:30 mark of that video. Thankfully, Franklin's leg didn't snap in half.*
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  • Watching Jones on youtube vs. Alabama and Florida. Elite first step and burst, but he's strictly a pass rusher as a linebacker. They don't do anything else with him. But he's very good at that.

    Here's my question . . . Not once did he put his hand on the ground. Everything is from a standup position. So as a linebacker, we don't know if he can cover or play zone or flow to the run. And as an end we don't know if he can play with his hand on the ground. There's a lot f positional risk there.
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  • To me Jarvis Jones screams LEO. If he is there at 25 you run to the podium.
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