Should we be targeting a defensive lineman or WR at pick 25?

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  • The below article assesses which positions we might focus on with our first round pick and names a few prospects to keep an eye on. Would you agree that we should spend a first round pick on a wideout or a defensive lineman? I've seen a few mock drafts with us drafting an offensive lineman, I don't see the point in that.
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  • Honestly, I'd be shocked if we took a WR, or even a tight-end in the first. I really hope we do, but it doesn't fit PC & JS style.

    It's always a super deep WR class, I'd love to see us pick up Ryan Swope and Stedman Bailey in the later rounds.
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  • It's funny they names Sam Montgomery. He is from my hometown, Greenwood, South Carolina. He was well known in the community. We were all really pissed when he left to go to LSU, we Gamecocks really wanted him. That being said, I don't know about him. I love a hometown story, but I've seen that guy really disappear at times. Maybe that can be coached. He certainly has talent. We shall see.
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  • I'm inclined to think we'll go DL first, at least partly because Pete said pass rush would be a priority. But he also said he wanted some more weapons for Russ, so.......who f'in' knows?

    The team is actually pretty strong in most areas. BPA is the way to go. I would be floored if we went OL, though.

    Of course, FA could affect this, although I don't necessarily think that J&P do things the way other teams do. Even if they make FA moves in those areas (WR/TE/DL), I expect they'll draft there too. When they say they're going to attack a problem they tend to bring in a lot of guys and let them fight it out.

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  • I wouldn't at all be shocked by OLINE. We can easily grade from both McQuistN and Breno.
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  • i say yes... snag up a def tackle rd 1 like jonathan hankins!! he looks like a bj raji out there, moves very well for his size and then later in round get a pass rusher... maybe margus hunt, dude is 6.8 and moves like a lb!! red bryant replacement there corey lemonier also has looked good so far for a nice leo candidate
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  • I say take the BPA, regardless of position (except QB, don't need a 1st round QB at all ha).

    This team doesn't *really* need anything, so don't get focused on 1 or 2 positional groups and expect a reach.
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  • Seems like it makes more sense to go D line because it is stronger at the top, and there are tons of good WRs that will be available after the first round.
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  • Until free agency has changed our list of needs, speculating on this is kind of pointless.
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  • Agree with Scottemojo...FA will really provide clarity, though won't give any defined answers. As of right now, you focus on who is the best player that fits a relative need.

    Quite frankly, and this isn't bold by any means, but I do think #25 will be a complete shocker this year. Perhaps even more than Bruce Irvin. I really think this is a year where they feel like they are a piece or 2 away from where they want to ideally be, and will have no qualms about "overdrafting" a guy, strictly to insure they are where they want to be headed into the season. 2014 is the year I think we see more of a GB/BAL approach (strictly value).

    This is a complete overreaction to today, but I am keeping an eye on Cornelius Washington to be drafted much higher and to possibly be that surprise guy (not necessarily R1). Looks ideal for LEO, though looks like he could be much stronger in the run game than the typical LEO.
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  • Man if Hopkins is there for them at 25 I really hope they decide to got WR and take him. If he isn't than I'd be happy with DL.
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  • Once their board comes together and FA have been signed, they will have a clear path to what the teams needs are. With that being said, the board "has" to have some fluidititty (SC) to be able to choose either/or in any given round depending on who has just come off the board in the last five picks. Each round has to have a multiple options with both player & postion.
    I'm thinking DL & WR are both a option at 25 but don't rule out a player they like better at a differant postion.

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  • Scottemojo wrote:Until free agency has changed our list of needs, speculating on this is kind of pointless.

    Ahhh, the voice of reason.

    I'll say it again... I really hope the Hawks are able to address DL, LB, OL needs in free agency. Then, if Tavon Austin is there... TAKE HIM and don't look back.
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