Kawann Short-- What are your thoughts??

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Kawann Short-- What are your thoughts??
Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:20 pm
  • The guy has certainly had great production for Purdue-- A team that's been average at best during his time their.

    15.5 Tackles for loss, 7 sacks. 4 pass breakups, 4- blocked kicks.

    he's listed anywhere from 6-3, 308-315 lbs.

    He was very consistent throughout his career. Over the last 3 years he's recorded 45.5 TFL, and 18 sacks.
    http://www.cfbstats.com/2012/player/559 ... index.html

    I think he's got the skillset to be a good pass rushing 3-technique. What say you?

    At this point we all know that when PC and JS focus on a position group they usually bring in several options. With that in mind I'm expecting 2-DT's in this coming draft.

    After some reading and looking around my 2 preferences would be---

    1st round= Kawaan Short
    3-4th round = Montori Hughes
    http://www.fieldgulls.com/videos/2013/2 ... e-seahawks

    Short as I said could be a good 3-technique option. Than in the 3-5 round range Hughes who was superb at the Senior Bowl practices could be a valuable cog as backup to Mebane, and could provide some pass rush as well. I think these 2 along with SCruggs, and Howard would give us a solid core of defenders .
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  • I think he will likely be the best DT avaialbe when we pick at #25 and I would not be upset as he could be a solid playerbut I would rather trade up and get Richardson or Star in the late teens or trade back 5-10 spots and hope Short is still there.

    I am not confident any rook DT besides Star and Richardson would make a giant impact for us as a pass rushing DT worthy of a 1st round pick. Everyone is clamoring for DL but if we do I expect it to be about as underwhelming of a pick as James Carpenter was. I think resigning Branch or Jones to modest contract, drafting one 2-5th rd DT to compete with Howard and Scruggs and siging a more decent FA our DT's will be fine. We need more pressure from the front 4 but honestly Nickle CB and WLB are much weaker. Even DE is thinner since Clemons is an unknown and Red is not really a typical DE.
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  • He's a space eater that can get into the backfield from time to time and be very disruptive, or we draft a WR that could be great .
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  • General Manager wrote:He's a space eater that can get into the backfield from time to time and be very disruptive, or we draft a WR that could be great .

    You don't think Short is too, uh, ya know?
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  • BPA and at 25 and that will likely be a WR.
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  • I like Kawaan a lot and believe he could excel if surrounded by some talent such as Red, Brandon and Clem. Short has performed consistently well on a mediocre team with no-name on either side of him.

    The other high ranked DTs will have team mates that are at least ranked. For Sharif Floyd it's Omar Hunter, Matt Elam and Jelani Jenkins. For Star Lotuleilei it's Joe Kruger although one could argue that Kruger benefitted from Star's play. For Sheldon Richardson there's Brad Madison at DE and Zaviar Gooden LB. But there's no arguing Sheldon's talent and tenacity.

    I for one would be extremely happy with Kawaan Short at #25 and believe he would be a strong presence in his rookie year while improving with each year. I believe he's borderline Pro Bowl talent, and with a supporting cast could make multiple trips to Hawaii.
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  • They can get WR in a later round or FA you could say the same thing about DL .I like the idea of a DT like Kawaan, but im still leaning towards Hopkins if he's there .
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  • My worry with Short is that his 7 sack a year production will become 3 sacks a year in the NFL. He seems to "get by" blockers instead of destroying them, which makes me suspicious that he could suffer from the jump in difficulty more than most since he doesn't have dominance to spare.
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