Russ Lande's Top Prospect

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Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:02 am
  • QB Ryan Nassib...just say no to sniffing glue.
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Re: Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:16 am
  • Top prospect for what...being complete garbage in the NFL?
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Re: Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:06 pm
  • Do you have a link? I'm curious what he's talking about.

    Nassibb is a good prospect who can be a starter in the league, but I don't know what he'd be the best prospect in.
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Re: Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:38 pm
  • I can see Ryan Nassib being a break out star in the NFL. I've read that people have compared him to Drew Brees with a little extra running ability. Bills are the favorite to pick up their hometown star, but it's unsure if Ryan is going to make it out of the 1st round. Here is a pretty good 10 "Bleacher Report" page link on all that Ryan Nassib has to offer. ... ntial-pick
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Re: Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:46 pm

    Here's their Grading Scale. It seems fairly subjective.

    Well here's the big board from their main page. Much neater and you can rank by position. NFP Big Board

    Positional rankings of interest. (These are from the first link I posted, unsure if the other big board is newer)
    3. Star Lotulelei
    8. Sheldon Richardson
    11. Jesse Williams
    18. Jonathon Hankins
    28. Shariff Floyd
    36. Kawann Short
    61. Sylvester Williams
    67. Akeem Spence
    123. Brandon Williams

    12. Alec Ogletree
    31. Manti Teo
    39. Kevin Minter
    40. Arthur Browne
    53. Jelani Jenkins
    66. Chase Thomas
    82. Xavier Gooden
    86. Aaron Klein
    89. Jamie Collins
    95. Jonathon Brown
    Probably lots more between here and Khaseem but I'm bored of writing names.
    181. Khaseem Greene- Curious how English feels about this one.

    16. Zach Ertz
    25. Tyler Eifert
    30. Vance McDonald
    84. Jordan Reed
    108. Mychal Rivera
    140. Joseph Fauria
    154. Philip LUTZENKIRCHEN
    157. Chris Gragg
    181. Matt Furstenburgh

    Someone correct me, but I don't see Travis Kelce or Gavin Escobar listed.
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Re: Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:11 pm
  • I find that staggering personally.

    If you want a QB who can only throw at one pace (fast ball), consistently makes WTF decisions, doesn't make the most of his athletic qualities in terms of mobility and didn't even throw a pass in 1.5 quarters of one game in 2012 despite running two long drives... Nassib's your man.

    And Khaseem Greene some 130 places below Jelani Jenkins. Not here just to bad mouth a man's rankings... but I can't get on board with this at all. Almost looks forced to make headlines.
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Re: Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:26 pm
  • This dude always comes up with rankings that seem so far out of whack I dont get it.Every year it is about the same.
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Re: Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:41 pm
  • Actually the terminology/scale is really similar to what many NFL teams use (or at least used a few years ago). You can quickly categorize with the letters, so if you're a franchise that, say, doesn't like small players, you can filter them out easily. Less handy when you know the 300 draftable prospects, but vital when you're sending scouts to every no-name school in the country.

    FWIW, Lande called Richard Sherman a 2nd round pick pre-draft (one of the reasons I liked Sherman, even though I was rather hesitant about big corners in general). He has a handful of grades that are out there, and a handful of them end up looking brilliant while some just look stupid. I always buy GM Jr though, not because he's always right, but I am reasonably confident that his grades are based off actually grinding film.
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Re: Russ Lande's Top Prospect
Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:41 am
  • The place to sell this would be Buffalo. With Nassib's old college coach,
    they should be all over this.

    One more player pushed down toward the Seahawks.
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