Rang: Trufant was best player at Senior Bowl

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  • If it's in the 5 yds you can do it, I didn't see the game so I have no reference. But you can also get away with the inside forearm push and if the receiver is running the sidelines route him out. Harder for a ref to see if as a CB you stay close and not extend your arm out.

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  • pehawk wrote:Huh, English? We've talked about him a lot.

    Or, you ripping media?

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  • I know about the 5 yard rule Chris but he was well down field and this was during practice. I think he's going to be a good DB, but not 1st round good, more like 2nd, and at worst, early 3rd. Unlike his brother, he would be an excellent slot corner.
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  • Maybe I'm overrating him, but I dont think so. After watching the Senior Bowl practices, dud e just makes it look too easy, like Marcus did. In my defense of Polk and Locker, no scout will disagree that Polk had the 2nd best tape at RB last year, the knee screwed him up. And, hell, we dont know about Locker yet, the Titans actually called me to play guard, and block for Jake. But, I wanted Gilbride and Buddy back, and Adams balked.

    Who knows, with the Revis talk maybe Pete wants high-value competition at CB. If so, then trade up to get Des in bottom of round 1 earl round 2. He's a combo of Lane and young Marcus in my eyes....fits right in.
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