2nd & 3rd Round Tallent at WR, DE, DT

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2nd & 3rd Round Tallent at WR, DE, DT
Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:03 pm
  • Who are the targets if we are selecting a player in those two rounds at those positions?
    Hasselbeck wrote:Matt Flynn should be our starter. Wilson is nothing more than a backup and will never amount to anything in this league.
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  • I really want to try and get Justin Hunter (WR from Tennessee) in the 2nd round.
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  • DT/DE, nobody worth mentioning that hasn't been talked about already. This year's DE/DT class might be the worst I've seen, at least for Pete Carroll's blueprint. If you put a gun to my head and forced me to draft DE/DT from this area, I'd consider Margus Hunt and Sharrif Floyd. Some people will tout Alex Okafor, but he strikes me as an NFL-average level player and isn't an obvious fit for either the 5-tech or LEO. I would MUCH rather address DL by free agency or trade.

    WRs, you are probably looking at 10 WRs that carry round 1 or 2 grades. There isn't a Larry Fitzgerald, but there are a quite a few potential 1000 yard receivers in this group. You might see productive players like Da'rick Rodgers and Terrance Williams sliding into the 4th round due to the logjam. If Seattle plays this draft to it's strengths, they should probably consider nabbing two receivers before it's over. I'd love to see Seattle take a chance on Marquess Wilson later in the draft. If there is a Janoris Jenkins story in this draft, it's him.
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  • I think Wheaton will be solid in the NFL. Though not a #1 WR he would still make our WR stronger, and he brings speed.
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  • Still betcha Jared Abbrederis shows up in the 5th and contributes at a 2012 Baldwin level.
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  • MontanaHawk05 wrote:Still betcha Jared Abbrederis shows up in the 5th and contributes at a 2012 Baldwin level.

    I heard on local radio last week that he's staying at WI.
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  • I'd take Wilson no earlier than the 4th.

    Damn, he has all the tools and kinda just feels like a GREAT NFL WR. BUT, so did Hill and Darling from the same school. Tall, sleek WR's from WSU are just TROUBLE for some reason. Yeah, that's really flawed logic, but, I cant help it.

    Worth a 4th, but that would still cause me discomfort. 5th and below, I'd love it
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Re: 2nd & 3rd Round Tallent at WR, DE, DT
Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:08 am
  • Where do I start on Marquess Wilson?

    - Has no work ethic. Lazy in practice, takes plays off in games. Clearly hasn't put much effort in the weight room, still hovering around 175lbs for a guy at 6'4".
    - Unwilling to take hits. He intentionally whiffed on catches this year when he felt defenders closing in. Zero toughness.\
    - Huge case of the dropsies, especially anything over the middle. He became a one trick pony running great vertical routes.
    - Attitude problems on and off the field.
    - Benched for a freshman who is almost physically identical, and outworked Wilson all season in practice.

    That's not even scratching the surface of the quitting and lying, with the false abuse allegations. He cost our university tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees while a frivolous investigation had to be conducted due to the severity of his(step-father's) lies, and put our football program in an undeserved negative light. Do you really want to roll the dice on bringing a guy with his baggage onto a team that is missing 2 or 3 pieces from building a potential dynasty?

    I'd be surprised if he lasts in the league, given what we've seen from him the past 3 years. No way in hell can I see the Hawks using a pick on him unless he has a hell of a combine, and is still sitting around in the 6th round.

    I understand these young guys can and do change over time, at some point something has to click for them if they're ever going to sniff their potential. Just not very optimistic that it happens for him over the next 3 months and that his body is NFL-ready.
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  • WR-Steadman Bailey, 5-10/188/4.49-40, W. Virginia is a prolific & nifty playmaker. Probable 3-rd/4-th round pick unless he runs an exceptional time at the combine, could hit 2-nd round with a < 4.40/40.

    2012 totals: 114 catches for 1622 yards, 14.2-Yds/per completion, 124.7 Yds/per game, **25-TD'S ** (highest total TD's by WR) in 13 games. Including individual games with the following #'s:
    14/225 & 1-TD, 13/303 & 5-TD's, 13/205 & 4-TD's, 13/173 & 3-TD's, 11/159 & 2-TD's.

    A name to remember.....(watch his tape).....just a little further down the list. ... man-Bailey
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  • If this draft ends up being as strong at WR as thought I could see us doing what we did a couple years ago with DB's, maybe grabbing 3 or 4 and let them fight it out.

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