Has PC&JS made any reference to their targets in the Draft?

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  • What i mean is in the last 3 years, PC&JS said they were targeting specific type of players in the draft every year, first year was play-makers, second was lengthy/physical players an linemen, and speed in the last draft. I wonder what PC&JS player type is for this year, i would assume BPA since they do preach competition at every position and they have solid starters at most spots, even QB, but i hope they target a replacement for Tru, Hill, and bring more depth at D-line.
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  • I assume since they wanted "TD makers" last year, and the only TD maker they got was Wilson, that they want more.
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  • Bis, fast, smart guys that love football and play with a chip on their shoulder.
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  • I assume they're targeting the 32nd pick.
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  • We'll probably find out in the post-season press conferences they conduct.

    Although in fairness, a lot of the answers you refer to were in response to questions about, "What needs to improve after a 7-9 season?"
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  • I'm thinking talking about who your looking to replace before the season is over would be a pretty frickin stupid move. Let the season play out, there is time for the draft and we all know John is stacking his board prospects up and scouts are putting films together for Pete and Staff to look at once the season is done.
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