Seahawks should draft Kyle Van Noy, OLB from BYU

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  • Dude has single-handedly won the bowl game for BYU. Seems like there's a pretty good chance he could go pro, especially after the showcase he's put on tonight. He could be our next Julian Peterson...
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  • I am very leery of LB's as high draft picks. They are not often game changers and a good of value can be founds in lower rounds as often. I really like drafting DT's #1
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  • Looks like a Ruskellian draft pick to me. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I said the same thing about Earl Thomas when he was coming out.

    And yes, Van Noy definitely looks like a safety. He looks slight at LB even by college standards.
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  • Van Noy is a game changer. I'm telling you... think Kenny Easley. Think Urlacher. He's that type of player and most definitely changes games. He will play on Sundays and will play very very well. He's probably 235 pounds, so he has a frame that can hold more weight for sure. I keep making the Urlacher comparison because Urlacher was smaller and faster in college and played the "lobo". He returned kicks and punts, and all sorts of other stuff too. Van Noy is trained in that same position. For now he's got zero problems dealing with bigger players. In the NFL he likely would, but he weighs as much as Leroy Hill. He's built a lot like Bobby Wagner was throughout his college career. Bobby has picked up mass this year. Prior to this season Bobby looked like a shorter Jason Taylor, with that sort of long and lean look, just like Van Noy. I have no doubt that he'll be fine, and that he'll be the right size for wherever a team wants him to play.
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