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  • Barkley has the arm strength of Leinart, though not the laziness and need to be in the party spotlight. He can be a on again off again starter for 10-12 years, with a up side of being similar to Hass, if he gets in the right system with a great QB coach.
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  • theENGLISHseahawk wrote:
    CALIHAWK1 wrote:Not that I give a toot about McShay but if I read it right he had Barkley out of the first completely. I always thought he was the second coming of Clausen.

    If you're talking about height, hair colour and the fact both grew up in California... they're pretty similar.

    Apart from that... nothing alike at all.

    McShay had Barkley as the #1 player on his board coming into the year. Up and down like a yo-yo.

    Barkley's performance or McShay's analysis? Both shoes fit.

    Shcrager at Fox now has three QB's in the first. None named Barkley. Now, even I think that's going to far.
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