UW player sucker punched by Cougs fan as they rush the field

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  • I think its Austin Sefarian Jenkins, but i'm not certain.

    This is why fans should not be allowed to rush the field. Watch the 45 yard line right around the 14 second mark. Total cheap shot and that fan should be jailed if he can be identified.

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  • What a dog of a human being.
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  • Pretty awful stuff. As a Coug, I'm not so much embarrassed . I don't care for the actions of one douche in a crowd of thousands as far as generalizing a fanbase. However, this dude should be expelled from the school if he's a student at WSU and arrested for sure. Talk about a lowlife.

    Should be fun to see the media run with the "this tains the win" and "typical Cougs" narratives though! I look forward to months of BS before the next Apple Cup!
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  • The way he drops, and the quality of the video, it almost seems like he was pushed. I can't imagine with his size, that even a sucker punch would drop him that fast. Well unless it was Mike Tyson who punched him. Looks more like a push. Did any real camera's catch this act, and can they identify what really happened and who did it?
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  • Puss

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  • Considering the actions in the 2010 apple cup, which, was more than just one person, and the 2002 apple cup, the Coug fans have been working on a long running narrative about being douchebags. Which is a shame, because there are a lot of classy coug fans. I hope this assclown gets found.
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  • Hawk Strap wrote:Puss

    LaGarret Blount

    Yeah, next time you talk trash to a big black guy and call him the N word, see what happens to you.
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  • ASJ handled it better than a lot of people would've. What a sissy Coug fan.
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  • That player didn't look tall enough, plus I don't think some random fan could decleat ASJ like it was nothing. If it actually was ASJ though, then I'm more impressed with that fan than pissed.

    This doesn't bother me at all btw. Maybe it should but it doesn't.
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  • As Luda says, "If you're doing the speed limit get the Fuck outta my way"
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