Utah @ Washington

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Re: Utah @ Washington
Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:19 am
  • I'm counting the Cougs out. Usually I don't, but UW and WSU are going in two very different directions right now.

    I'm too lazy to do a full random thoughts thread for the game, but here are a few highlights:

    -GO DUCKS! That was my reaction this Saturday after an unnamed source near Chip Kelly told a reporter that Kelly is gone for the NFL if the Ducks win out (meaning national title game), with "nine out of ten" certainty. And after Bama lost today, things are starting to look up in the Pac-12 for the rest of us. I think it's inevitable that Kelly goes to the NFL, and with a few high profile jobs presumably opening (Dallas, Philly), I could easily envision him taking the plunge. Oregon is winning with such ease right now- I think Kelly has pretty much done all he can at this level. It's time to see if his genius can work in the NFL. I wouldn't bet against him.

    -Bishop Sankey has undergone an incredible evolution at UW. He's gone from a Leon Washington type to a Chris Polk type to now kind of a mini-Lynch type. Maybe I'm insane, but in the open field he's starting to remind me of Lynch a little bit for how he can shift his weight in full sprint. It's a similar brand of niftyness. One of the best ways to know you have a good running back? You almost never find yourself questioning his running decisions. Polk was one of those backs. Now Sankey is too, but in a faster body.

    -Keith Price isn't all the way back, but he's getting close.

    -ASJ at DE? First it's flirting with read-option, then it's lining up your 6'7" monster athlete in a WR/TE tweener's body at DE. I think it's safe to say that Sark has been taking notes on Chip Kelly.

    -ASJ now has the UW record for TE receptions. He did it in less than two full seasons. That's pretty amazing when you consider that UW was once known as an TE factory for the NFL back in the day.

    -It's really too bad UW wasn't playing on this level a month earlier. It could have been a very interesting season. Hopefully Wilcox sticks around. If he does, I see no reason not to be bullish on this team in 2013.
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