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If we go offense in the 1st about Barrett Jones?

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  • Might be a controversial pick (so what else is new) but if we were to go offense in the first round, I can't think of a much better pick than 6'5 C/G/T Barrett Jones out of Alabama.

    I look at him similarly to Max Unger coming out of college. Team leader, good kid, smart player. (He graduated with a 4.0 in 3 years) I really think he can play RT in the league, and at worst you have a guy that can come in and start at RG and be there for the next decade. Moffitt and Paul McQ have done a serviceable job, and who knows what we have in Sweezy, but this guy won't make a lot of mistakes and I can't see how he isn't an upgrade immediately. A guy that can legitimately play 5 different positions isn't easy to find.

    I know people want a WR if we went offense in the 1st, but with how deep this WR class is I think you can get a few great playmakers later on in the draft.

    I'm not sure if he's a Cable guy (You could argue they seem to prefer maulers over technique guys in the draft) but if we could get a Max Unger RG clone, wouldn't that be well worth the pick?

    A Okung/Carp/Unger/Moffit/Jones line with McQ + Sweezy for depth sounds good to me! Anyone else watch Bama this year or have any thoughts on this guy?
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  • Personally, I'm fine with it. I'm predicting that Seattle looks for a tweener type to man OLB in round 1, but if they are fine with getting a more conventional LB you can often find great value later on. The two best rookie LBs so far this year (Wagner and David) were both taken in the 2nd round last year. The same is true with WR- you could probably find good value outside of round 1 at WR. Wilson, Woods, and Austin all strike me as 2nd/3rd rounders.

    I haven't watched Jones yet, but I've never believed that you can't spend more than X amount on one area of the team. For example, the Lions had spent 3 first round picks on WR in the years prior to the 2007 draft. Many people said that because of that investment, they should avoid Calvin Johnson. Detroit didn't care and took Megatron anyway, and it's a damn good thing they did. Similarly, the Ravens and 49ers have splurged on O-line with early picks repeatedly, and now they are a potential superbowl matchup this season.

    So I'm fine with spending another high pick on OL, if that pick makes sense. We are well off at guard right now- Rishaw Johnson had one of the best UDFA performances by an o-lineman in recent memory and didn't even make the team because we are so deep at guard. But if the team feels that Jones is a future HoF talent, then I have absolutely no problem with the selection. I wouldn't even call it a luxury pick. HoF players are never luxury picks.
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  • His best position is the one he's playing this year (C) and he can work out at RG as a secondary role. I'm not convinced the Seahawks need to spend a R1 pick on the interior line unless the player you're drafting is called Warmack or Cooper. And even then, I'd consider playing Jonathan Cooper at tackle. The guy is even more athletic than Albert at KC who came out of Virginia.
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  • Thanks for the input, I agree it may not be the most logical choice, just was kicking it around in my head and was wondering if anyone else thought there might be some merit to a "flex" lineman. The guy won the outland trophy at left tackle (facing SEC defenses all year), and this year he is playing center, and doing an excellent job once again. You just don't see that too often. Combine it with the leadership and character he has I think he'll be an excellent pro.

    I think it's too soon to label him a center, or even a guard for that matter. Personally think he fits the mold of a very reliable RT. He has excellent feet, and rarely will you find him out of position to make a block. His athleticism and speed can easily be matched (or topped) But you won't find a more disciplined o-lineman at the college ranks.

    Warmack is an excellent guard prospect, and he probably does have a higher ceiling. When you draft him, what you see is what you get. After watching the hawks this year, I've loved watching Paul McQ fill in wherever the team needs him. He's become invaluable in that aspect. I'm not saying it's the teams most pressing need, but if we could get a significant upgrade from McQ, I think that may merit an early pick. (a first rounder? I guess it all depends on how the chips fall)

    Just was food for thought...I love talking oline, being a former one myself :mrgreen:
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  • How bad do you think our oline is? Maybe depth but I love the group we have. Go hawks!!!
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