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Alec Ogletree = perfect draft pick for Seattle next year

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    Unless Brandon Coleman declares (seems unlikely) - this guy is the real deal. Would be perfect for the Seahawks at linebacker. If you get a chance to watch the Ole Miss/Georgia game on Saturday, keep an eye on #9. Fourth time I've watched him this year and it was his best game to date. Incredible, elite talent.

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    "Linebacker isn’t Seattle’s greatest need but eventually Leroy Hill is going to move on or revert to a more limited role. Ogletree would be the perfect replacement at the WILL position. Not only would he offer another dimension to the pass rush at outside linebacker, he’d also solve some of the issues on third down. He’s a former safety so has defensive back speed and can cover slot receivers underneath or tight ends on deeper routes over the middle. Third down defense is an area for improvement and Ogletree would provide that from day one. There’s no reason why he couldn’t develop into a player of Julian Peterson’s quality, providing 7-10 sacks per year while being vastly superior in coverage."
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  • You suck Rob. You keep bringing up these guys we're probably going to have no shot at drafting, then write really nice things about them.
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  • Dont'a Hightower was a decently comparable player from last year. Would have loved to have drafted him. He went late 1st round. OLBs just don't go very high unless they are proven pass rushing monsters. That makes me think we have a pretty decent shot at Ogletree, unless we are picking 32nd.
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  • I think he's better than Hightower - who I also really liked. For me, Ogletree is on a different level as an athlete. Plus he doesn't have any history of knee injuries like Dont'a.
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  • Seattle plays a lot of nickel and bandit. Unless you want to bench one of Wright or Wagner, you'll be drafting a guy who won't see the field every down.

    Of course, we've heard that before...
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  • You could play him at DE in nickel situations if you wanted - which would tremendously useful if/when Irvin takes over from Clemons as the full time LEO. And in years one/two you let him play 1st or 2nd down or just tweak it so that he is in on those downs. It's not like Wright's doing a consistently great job on third down and needs to stay in there at all costs.
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