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De Anthony Thomas, Tyler eifert, and manti teo

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  • De Anthony Thomas, Tyler eifert, and manti teo are great players that are all great fits for the hawks?

    De Anthony thomas- plays a few spots, fast as $h!t, finds away to get loose And the most explosive player coming out in a while

    Eifert plays - wr or te blocking as improved imensly (simaler block 2 zack miller) Gets open great hands 6'6 just saying would be a good mix with sid tate bald and now him and miller stil got a decent obamanu too good group of pass catchers

    Manti teo - i dont know why but he plays a lot like leroy hill kinda he can play all the linebacker spots and is 260 pounds and run real nice just a nice way to get younger leroy is gettkng up there i feel he can be an impact replacement and can benefit from A stronger and stronger defensive line

    Please give input on what you think of these guys And them as seahawks

    Go hawks
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  • Well, De'Anthony wont be available for at least one more season. I like Teo and Eifert a lot. Eifert being the more likely future Seahawk, imo.
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  • Welcome to

    I think this actually belongs in our Draft
    Forum as these are not current Seahawks players, rather being considered by fans as perhaps future members.

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  • Totally love eifert I am the sucker for a complete all down player (unlike somebody We know... still love Bruce though Haha) teo his sophmore year played some will backer like leroy does and he is a outstanding tackler like leroy was and still kinda is but he isnt preforming like he used to be plus he plays in nickle might be better in nickle then kj wright so were upgrading the 43 and the nickle package also..

    De anthony is in the future im aware of that but you cant ignore a collegant 6.7 and he scors ever 4 plays or something god gotta love that guy

    Teo might be a predictable pick unlike wagner irvin carpenter this pick is more like okung and earl thomas even might i say golden tate?
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  • Pete recruited Te'o heavily to USC, and it basically came down to the Trojans and the Irish, with the Irish getting the edge at the end.
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  • I see these guys as pete caroll types of players

    Eifert is like a leaner, younger (Not by much) more athletic agile version of our very Zack miller

    De anthony is to much to account for can line any body 1 on 1 in man and cover him he can run the drag or the deep route which has been proven He can carry the football just fine and when he is gone he is really gone

    Teo bigger better maybe less reactive and burst type of linebacker as luke kuelchy same kind of player

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