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Updated 2013 mock draft - 17th October

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Updated 2013 mock draft - 17th October
Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:43 pm
  • For those interested in this kind of thing...

    LINK: ... th-october

    From Seattle’s perspective, I tried to look for value. Draft order was determined by current win/loss records and opponents strength of schedule. To see the order in full, click here. This put the Seahawks at #20 overall. It’s not taken a huge dose of creativity to make the choice below, but I feel like this was a good match of prospective need and talent.

    All thoughts welcome.
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  • I'd be extremely happy with that pick. Although i'd be even happier with his running mate in 2014 (but dont expect to draft high enough for that).
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  • I also like the Woods pick, but I'm not sure PC and JS believe he can be a real difference maker on offense. You just feel that they are looking for more length, and instead I could see them going for a 3 tech DT in the first. It would really complete this young defensive unit.

    But in this next draft I see DT, WLB, WR and TE as our biggest target areas at this point.
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  • I'd be happy with the Woods pick. He's a solid receiver who could move from inside to outside and be a threat from either position. He's got the speed to get good YAC and even for his size has a good catching radius.

    But, with Allen still on the board, I'd have to go with him. He's the number 1 receiver this year should he declare (imo). There's a lot I like about him. He's got great size (not freak size, but still good) with deceptive speed, and he's strong with the ball in his hands after the catch. Maybe the best thing I like about him is that he's running every route on the route tree and he does it really well. He's the main threat on that Cal team and they do a lot of different stuff to get him the ball. He could step in tomorrow on this team and run the entire offense. He needs to improve his hands, but he may still be the most complete receiver in in this draft in terms of size and ability.
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  • Like the Woods pick that late in the 1st round.

    English it looks like your are starting to come around to Jordan(2 sacks already tonight), I think he will impress at the combine.
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  • For whatever reason, when I watch Robert Woods play, I think of AJ Green. I would be really excited if Seahawks picked him in the first round. Unfortunately, if things go according he plan, he won't be available by the time the Seahawks are on the board.
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  • how are his hands?
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  • Am I missing something? Why is Keenan Allen not the pick and/or why is he not in the first round at all? He is the run away #1 WR on the board isnt' he? I can't imagine him staying another year at Cal with his brother graduating.

    Do you like Woods better than Allen?

    I see cbssports has Allen #1 and the WR from Tennessee #2 with both being gone by the 20th pick.
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  • I'm not a fan of Allen in round one at this stage, or Justin Hunter who is the WR you refer to at Tennessee. I make my own opinions and don't really care for CBS.
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  • There is of course a chance that Robert Woods does not come out for the draft after this year. Pete always told guys not to come out after three years unless they were pretty sure they would be the top draft pick for their position. One exception to that "rule" would be if their family was in dire straits financially and needed the NFL paycheck. I don't think the latter is the case for the Woods family.
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  • Brandon Coleman 6'6 kid out of Rutgers. Really fast and and big. Sure Russell would like to throw jump balls to him. We have to trade up and get this guy in my opinion.
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  • Really like the Mock Draft a guy on Walter Football did. RT Matthews from A&M (cousin of Clay's i believe) and RND 2 OLB from Penn State Hodges i believe.
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