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Rear view MOCK Drafts

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Rear view MOCK Drafts
Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:37 pm
  • Does anyone / any site do a rear view Mock draft in regards to ranking the outcome to how good the players were?

    I saw some numbers about how accurate the mock drafter was to where guys were picked, which is interesting, but not what I am thinking about. What we also usually see are the "2014 draft re-graded" articles from a team perspective.

    Well how about the "2014 MOCK drafts re-graded"

    Wouldn't that provide value in regards to which of the key guys one should listen too and which to ignore. It is easy to find sound bites of people that didn't like Russell Wilson, but it honestly doesn't say anything about that persons overall ability to mock draft based on success of the player.

    Yes I get that there are a ton of these, but it seems like the top 10 most popular mock drafts could be ranked relatively easy by those that are good at knowing all the players...…….

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