PK-Oakes & Punters- Daniel or Townsend; Rd-7/UDFA's = ?

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  • PK-Oakes & Punter- Daniel or Townsend; Rd-7/UDFA's? I can see the Seahawks using one of their late round 7 picks on placekicker Griffin Oakes, & then perhaps signing either punter Daniel or Townsend as a PRIORITY-UDFA.

    Since Pineiro & Dickson (and maybe Carlson) will most likely be gone by late Rd-7, (Carlson is IMO overhyped), so I'd rather have the consistency of Oakes between the two. Punters Townsend and Daniel are really very close, so either would be acceptable IMO. -- THESE ARE BOTH BIG NEEDS IN THIS DRAFT.

    --PK-Griffin Oakes, Indiana; Currently ranked #224-overall, projected Rd-7/UDFA. (Mr. Consistency.)
    2017: 16 of 17 on field goals, (94.1%) with a long of 51-yds. 38 for 39 on extra points, (97.4%) - both of these misses were blocks. 1 for 2 at 50+, Oakes was 2-nd in FBS in field goal %, in 2017 he was a perfect 15 for 15 inside 50, including 4 for 4 from 40-49-yds. CAREER: 147 for 154, 95.5% on extra points & 69 for 90, 76.7% on field goals.

    --PK-Eddy Pineiro, -currently ranked #185-overall, projected Rd-6 @
    17/18-94.4%, field goals, 24/26, 92.3% extra points, 2 for 2 on 50+, long of 50,

    --PK-Michael Badgley, -currently ranked #227-overall, projected Rd-7 @
    17/23-73.9%, field goals,45 /46, 97.8% on extra points, 1 for 4 on 50+, long of 50.

    --PK-Daniel Carlson, - ranked #253-overall, projected Rd-7/UDFA ( over-hyped-IMO).
    23/31-74.2%, field goals, 57/ 57, 100% extra points, 4 for 8 on 50+, long of 54,
    --PUNTER-Trevor Daniel, - currently ranked #361-overall, projected UDFA
    2017: 70/3323-yds, average 47.5-yds per punt with a long of 72-yds.
    2016: 70/3120-yds, average 44.6-yds per punt with a long of 70-yds.
    2015: 60/2741, average 45.7-yds per punt with a long of 61-yds.

    --PUNTER-Johnny Townsend, currently ranked #243-overall, projected Rd-7/UDFA
    2017: 64/4043, average 47.5-yds per punt with a long of 70-yds.
    2016: 64/3065, average 47.9-yds per punt with a long of 62-yds.
    2015: 83/3765, average 45.4-yds per punt with a long of 61-yds.

    --PUNTER-Michael Dickson, - currently ranked #222-overall, projected Rd-6/7,
    (Winner Ray Guy award, 2017, enhances his punt reputation & will get him drafted in Rd-6/7 or earlier.)
    2017: 84/3984, average 47.4-yds per punt with a long of 76-yds.
    2016: 65/3079, average 47.4-yds per punt with a long of 74-yds.
    2015: 77/3179, average 41.3-yds per punt with a long of 63-yds.
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