2018 top RB's - their carry to fumble ratios.

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  • Interesting Running Back rankings & analysis on the top RB's in the coming draft. I specifically like the analysis portion regarding ball security. *** Very interesting that Chubb & Michael may NOT be real considerations for the Seahawks, because we all know PC hates turnovers with a mad passion.

    --References: -- -and- ... &order=ASC

    (Rank #1-RB), RB-Saquon Barkley, VERY GOOD+ ball security, 193:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #2-RB) RB-Ronald Jones, EXCEPTIONAL ball security, 207:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #7-RB) RB-Kerryon Johnson, VERY GOOD+ ball security, 191:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #8-RB) RB-Josh Adams, VERY GOOD ball security, 174:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #11-RB) RB-John Kelly, ABOVE AVERAGE ball security, 123:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #10-RB) RB-Royce Freeman, ABOVE AVERAGE ball security, 114:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #6-RB) RB-Rashaad Penny, ABOVE AVERAGE ball security, 106:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #3-RB) RB-Darius Guice, AVERAGE ball security, 100:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #15-RB) RB-Bo Scarbrough, BELOW AVERAGE ball security, 96:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #9-RB) RB-Mark Walton, BELOW AVERAGE ball security, 90:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #13-RB) RB-Nyheim Hines, BELOW AVERAGE ball security, 87:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #14-RB) RB-Akrum Wadley, VERY POOR ball security, 67:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #12-RB) RB-Kalen Ballage, VERY POOR ball security, 66:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #5-RB) RB-Nick Chubb, VERY BAD ball security, 54:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    (Rank #4-RB) RB-Sony Michel, VERY BAD ball security, 54:1 carry/fumble ratio.
    RB's- Jackson, Smith, Edmonds, Pettway, Franklin, Nall, Webb, Thomas & UW's Lavar Coleman - all are very likely UDFA's, and this article doesn't detail their ball security ratios.

    IMO-The Seahawks RB Targets in the coming draft boil down to the following players:

    ----------Middle Rd-1 to Middle of Rd-2: (IMO-Best pick = Jones if available after a trade down)
    =RB-Ronald Jones, currently ranked #39-overall, Projected Rd-1/2
    =RB-Darius Guice, currently ranked #35-overall, Projected Rd-1/2

    ----------Middle Rd-2 to Late Rd-3: (IMO-Best pick = Penny or Johnson, in that order,)
    =RB-Kerryon Johnson, currently ranked #43-overall, Projected Rd-2
    =RB-Rashaad Penny, currently ranked #63-overall, Projected Rd-2
    =RB-John Kelly, currently ranked #103-overall, Projected Rd-3

    ----------Early Rd-4 to Late Rd-5: (IMO-Best pick = Freeman if available.)
    =RB-Josh Adams, currently ranked #125-overall, Projected Rd-3/4
    =RB-Royce Freeman, currently ranked #143-overall, Projected Rd-4

    ----------UDFA's: (Sign a few for camp competition and possibly find a gem like Carson =?)
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  • Guess that takes Chubb and Michel off my wish list.
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