A cautionary word to our membership

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A cautionary word to our membership
Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:05 am
  • Dear members,

    Thank you for being a Seahawks.NET member, we are glad you are here with us.

    In light of recent events, and the high level of frustration felt by many at this time, the moderation team at Seahawks.NET would like to remind you that those wishing to voice your frustrations and concerns can, and are, invited to do so.


    Please keep in mind that any of those comments, concerns, and statements, are being posted to a private fan site with strict guidelines on the material posted. As such, we will not tolerate any deviation to our policies on content. The staff will take immediate measures to insure the posted content here remains respectful to the other members and staff of this community.


    Members are strongly cautioned that content found to be of an attacking nature, or that deviates from our policies, will be swiftly removed without explanation. Additionally, we will not tolerate material found to be of an exclusionary, or discriminate nature. We are all equals here.

    Ultimately, you are a guest here, and your membership is a privilege, not a right. Seahawks.NET has taken steps to maintain a pleasant and enjoyable experience for its valued and contributing members.

    To that end, any member wishing to voice a concern regarding another member and/or posted content, are encouraged to utilize the Report feature to alert staff in lieu of a public post, and to use the Private Messages function to communicate directly with staff discreetly. We welcome your comments and will happily assist you.

    Again, thanks for being a valued member of our great community, we appreciate your contributions.


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