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  • We've made major changes to the guidelines based upon the changing needs of our community. It is your responsibility to read and understand these guidelines as each of you will be held accountable for your actions & we will stop giving a lot of the chances we've been granting in the past.

    If you have questions, please PM myself or email the administrators at admins@seahawks.net



    (Updated 10/09/10)

    All Forums
    • If it would get you punched in the throat in a bar, it will get you banned at .NET
    • Attack the post, not the poster. No reason for anything to be personal. No threats or posting of another members personal info. IF YOU ATTACK OTHER POSTERS OR TROLL/FLAME ANY FORUMS, YOU WILL BE BANNED.
    • Keep the language in check. PG-13
    • No nudity of any type in any forum, including shacked forums.
    • For every 5 topics blatantly started in the wrong forum, the poster will get a weeks vacation.
    • Everything else will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Please have some posting etiquette, be adults, and all will be fine.
    • Do NOT post any personal information of another member to the boards. We have a zero tolerance policy on this.

    'Shacked' Forums
    • Participating in discussions in these forums is admission that you have really thick skin. All whining to the mods about your feelings being hurt will be promptly ignored.
    • This is a Seahawks forum above all, and we are all on the same side. If you cant handle yourself in the shacked forums, you will lose access to those forums for good.

    As always, these guidelines are subject to change at any time, without notice.

    Some advice on posting etiquette:

    ** Dual Topics**

    This has become a problem so we are asking EVERYONE to please check the first page of the forum you want to post a topic in to make sure it hasn't been recently discussed.

    If you make a similar topic post on a topic that is already being discussed on the first page of the main forum your post will be deleted.


    ** Posting Links To Your Own Site**

    First off, we ask that you email us at admins@seahawks.net to ask for approval. Please include the link you'd like to use for us to review. This is common Internet courtesy. Anyone not doing so risks deletion of said post. Multiple posts containing links to an unapproved site will get the user posting the links a permanent ban. This does not mean you should send an email to admins@seahawks.net and just assume we approve of the link(s). We receive many of these types of requests. Some we approve, some we explicitly do not approve, and some we just don't answer. You will receive an affirmative response if your link(s) are approved.

    Second, if your link(s) are approved, be prepared to post a reciprocal link back to us from your site if we have given the okay for you to link to your site.


    **Posting information from inside sources**

    If you claim a confidential source, prior to posting you must contact Seahawks.NET owner RockHawk and have your source verified. Verification is quick and completely confidential and will not put your source at risk.

    If your source checks out .net will allow postings citing a confidential source with our support.

    All other posts citing inside sources will be deleted without explanation.

    ** Use Of PM's **

    Private Messages (PM's) are a communication tool that is offered as a service to our forum community members. Private Messages are subject to the guidelines of the non-shacked forums.

    If you receive an offensive or threatening PM, please ask the sender to stop the abusive behavior, or not to PM at all. If the sender continues the abusive behavior after your request and you feel you need or want admin support, copy and send the offensive PM to an admin.

    ** Posting Complete Articles or Videos **

    Seahawks.NET/NET Nation does NOT allow complete articles posted from outside sources. Just a short paragraph or so with a link to the rest of the article IS ALLOWED.

    You may NOT post premium or subscription based articles in their entirety, no exceptions. You may NOT post video containing a game or movie in its entirety, no exceptions. We don't want to hear from any more lawyers.


    ** Rankings **

    NET Bench Warmer 1-49
    NET Practice Squad 50-99
    NET Rookie 100-299
    NET Starter 300-499
    NET Veteran 500-9,999
    NET Pro Bowler 10,000-19,999
    NET Ring Of Honor 20,000-49,999
    NET Hall Of Famer 50,000 plus


    ** Signature Lines/Photos **

    We are now requiring signature pictures to be within 50 pixels of 468 X 100. Thus the MAXIMUM width of signature pictures is now 518 pixels and the MAXIMUM height is 150 pixels. However, we definitely PREFER 468 X 100. Signatures are also limited to ONE (1) picture ONLY!

    Political, War and Religion Signatures And Avatars are not allowed.

    ** Bait And Switch Posts **

    Bait and Switch means stating something in the subject line that is a joke only to you. The purpose is to get as many folks to click on your post as possible. A good example is if you know full well that Seahawks fans are waiting for a certain player to sign with the team, you might then put in your subject line:

    "(Certain Player) SIGNS! BREAKING NEWS!!"

    Only for your post body to read something like;

    "...a traffic ticket...LOL!!! Sorry!! I couldn't help it!!"

    This is NOT funny to anyone other than the Bait and Switch offender. Especially in sensitive times when the fan base is waiting on and sensitive to ANY team news.

    So please, use your best judgment here.


    ** Thread Hijacking **

    Please make an effort to stay on topic in every thread, regardless of forum.

    If you want to branch out and talk about a different topic, please do so in a new thread!

    We realize that some threads will evolve and change, but do not jump into a topic and change the course of the thread!


    ** Contacting Us **

    Please note that we DO NOT discuss policy publicly on the forum.

    We welcome any thoughts, concerns, questions, ideas, suggestions and anything else pertaining to Seahawks.NET and our forums. Our door is always open, so please use it.

    Send any of the mods a PM, or Email us anytime. admins@seahawks.net


    ** Update: 3 March, 2015 **

    Please click on the following link to view and familiarize yourself with the latest message delivered to the membership by site administration on March 12, 2015:


    As always, the Moderation Staff, here at .NET, treasures a member's anonymity and discretion first and foremost in any communications. Simply contact any of the blue crew, or all of us for that matter, using the Private Message system.

    Again, we thank you being a valued contributor to Seahawks.NET!

    Go Hawks!!!
    Love ya Les! You're in my thoughts every time I "Check my PM's"
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  • You may have noticed that we have removed all remnants of the old system rankings for site-support from all member profiles in the last few days. This was done for a few reasons, but most importantly, to upgrade the logo and to re-align these legacy rankings with current events.

    I assure you this is not a hostile gesture, it is merely something on the "honey-doo" list that has been finally taken care of.

    If you have donated your hard-earned cash in the past year and have been affected by this change, please know that we are systematically adding the appropriate rank to your user profiles as we access the donation received for 2015. In most cases, we need to hear from you, so please...

    Send us an email to: admins@seahawks.net

    Let us know the email address you used to make the Paypal donation, and how much your have donated. We will get your profile adjusted, post haste. I promise! 8)

    The new rankings are:

    Silver = $50 - $100
    Gold = $101 - $250
    Platinum = $251 and over

    The Supporter insignia have all been expertly updated, by Anguish, to reflect a new, fresh design.

    Thank you again for contributing to the finest Seahawks fan site anywhere!

    Go Hawks!!! :0190l:

    "...Seattle has become the capital city of the New NFL" - Kip Earlywine
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